phyCAM - Embedded Camera Modules


The phyCAM System - Cameras for Series Production

Camera Boards with phyCAM-interface can directly connect to the digital camera interface of PHYTEC SOMs. This allows simplified camera technology integration into compact, custom designed products. The standardized phyCAM interfaces offer a combination of scalable SOMs and suitable image processing components. This provides PHYTEC customers with a complete, customized system.

phyCAM-P — The parallel interface phyCAM-P  is a cost effective way to integrate a camera. Data and control signals are transmitted via a 33-pin FFC cable. This reduces the interface effort to a minimum but offer compatibility with other camera types. phyCAM-P cameras are fully compatible with phyCORE® SOMs.

phyCAM-S — The phyCAM-S interface offers even more flexibility. The phyCAM-S cable requires only 8 wires and can have a length of up to 6 m. This way the camera head and the main device can be separate. Phytec offers phyCARD®- und phyFLEX® SOMs that are compatible with phyCAM-S.

All phyCAM boards are available in three variants: 

  • Sensor only
  • C/CS Mount Lens
  • M12 Lens

phyCAM-G — Backplane phyCAM-G adds powerful LVDS signaling to each phyCAM-P camera module. This allows for long cable lengths with data rates up to 1 GBit. A simple 6-wire twisted pair cable is needed for data transmission (e.g. CAT-7 standard).

phyCAM System Overview

Features phyCAM-P phyCAM-S
Interface 33 pol. parallel 8 pol. LVDS
Cable length approx. 30 cm approx. 5 m
Cost optimized design +
Interchangeable camera + ++
More than 8-bit color depth (per channel) +
Flexible cable connection +
Use of special camera features +
Remote camera head +
Maximum data throughput rates +
Best EMC properties +
Use with phyCORE SOMs +
Use with phyCARD SOMs +
Use with phyFLEX SOMs + +

phyCAM - A Modular Imaging System

Flexible Modular Solution for Digital Imaging Products

Choose a phyCAM camera module and a SOM with phyCAM interface that match all of your application requirements. Due to the modular system both camera and SOM can be easily connected.

The phyCAM interface is supported by various powerful 32bit processors such as the NXP series of i.MX applications processors.
Due to the  compatible phyCAM interface, all cameras are interchangeable - even during the design process. 
All camera board dimensions are standardized and have the same mounting wholes. 

Each camera is available as sensor only or with C/CS-Mount or M12 lens mount. Thereby adjustments to the optical requirements can easily be made.

phyCAM Variants

Choose among the different variants phyCAM-P, phyCAM-S(+) and phyCAM-G: 


The parallel interface phyCAM-P is a cost effective way to integrate a camera. The camera connects via a 33-pin FFC cable. The cable can be up to 30 cm long.

phyCAM-P is ideal for short, device interior wiring.


phyCAM-S(+) transmits data via a serial LVDS interface. phyCAM-S(+) requires only  only 8 wires. The cable can be up to 5 m long. This allows for separating the camera head from the main device or longer, more flexible wiring within bigger devices. phyCAM-S can transmit data up to 40 Mbps, phyCAM-S+ up to 80 Mbps. Depending on the data rate, the connection is established via a CAT-5e or USB-3.0 quality cable. 

Development Support

PHYTEC offers development kits for phyCAM products that include all components required to start your project efficiently. See PHYTEC's Embedded Imaging Kits page for more details.