PHYTEC is a NXP i.MX 8 Alpha Partner


PHYTEC has been selected as an EBS (Embedded Board Solutions) alpha partner for the innovative NXP i.MX 8 applications processor family. The i.MX 8 series targets multiple display automotive applications, industrial systems, vision, HMI and IoT applications. PHYTECs off-the-shelf i.MX 8 SOMs and SBCs as well as unique services including rapid prototyping, agile development services and Industry 4.0 manufacturing can be leveraged to bring i.MX 8 based applications to market quickly. 

i.MX 8 Block Diagram


Crowd Requirement Engineering

i.MX 8 Single Board Computer Crowd Requirement Engineering

What features must an i.MX 8 SBC have so that it is attractive for lots of users with different requirements?

We invite you to join our global team of developers and contribute to specification of a CRE-8 SBC:  >>>

System on Modules

PHYTEC plans to provide scalable System on Modules in support of multiple i.MX 8 SOC Versions including:

  • i.MX 8QuadMax/QuadPlus/Quad
  • i.MX 8Dual/DualLite

The industrial rated SOM incorporates all essential circuitry common to all embedded applications. For the i.MX 8 this circuitry includes interfaces with RAM, Flash memory, power management, LCD, Ethernet, USB and other commonly-used interfaces all within a compact, robust, EMC design. The SOM can be designed into a custom application and interfaced to from robust board-to-board connectors or from a Direct Solder Connect (DSC) footprint.

Development Kits

PHYTEC will also offer a full scope of kits for start-up, evaluation and rapid development around our i.MX 8 Series board-level products.  Standard kits will include:

  • phyCORE-i.MX 8 SOM
  • Carrier Board with fully validated circuitries and standard connectors for all common interfaces and peripheral features of the i.MX 8, usable as a development platform as well as reference design for end user carrier board designs
  • Kit variants in support of multiple operating systems:
    • Linux: Yocto environment with pre-installed and configured packages such as QT-Libs, OpenGL and Python
    • Android
    • QNX, freeRTOS and other software available upon request
  • Rich documentation: Hardware Manual, QuickStart Instructions, Application Guides, Software Application Examples

Single Board Computers

PHYTEC plans to offer a production-ready phyBOARD Single Board Computer based on the phyCORE-i.MX8 SOM that is mounted to a Carrier Board for break-out of I/O. In Pico-ITX form factor, the phyBOARD SBC is suited for deployment into a wide range of robust industrial applications. The SBC includes common interfaces such Ethernet, CAN, RS-232, USB, SD, and Audio but is also expandable through functional add-ons for WiFi, GSM, and displays. 

In addition, the phyBOARD SBC has been designed for easy customization and adaptation for specific end use cases and vertical market deployments.

Multimedia Offering

Beyond standard kit offerings, PHYTEC also plans to support a Machine Vision and Camera kit to harnesses the power of the i.MX 8 multimedia features. In addition this includes:

  • i.MX 8 focus: GPU: Vulkan, OGL; VPU; Display and Camera I/O: MIPI-DSI, MIPI-CSI, HDMI, LVDS
  • Application examples for machine vision


PHYTEC will offer continuous software integration and support for our phyCORE SOM and phyBOARD SBC platforms for the i.MX 8. This will include BSPs releases concurrent to NXP branches, as well as drivers for additional peripherals and circuitries. PHYTEC uses Yocto for modular management of all build tools and meta-layer dependencies. This software approach delivers customizable machine configurations in support of evolving hardware features, and avoids weeks of software integration prior to prototype bring-up.

Rapid Project

When an off-the-shelf development kit isn't enough, PHYTEC offers Rapid Prototyping services. This new service complements and extends the scalability of i.MX 8 Series devices by leveraging known good circuitry and layout blocks to create customer-specific hardware I/O platforms. In a matter of weeks a custom prototype can be designed and produced. 

i.MX 8 Contact

Please use our contact form and get in touch with PHYTEC Germany to receive more information about the i.MX 8 product family and discuss your project with us. 

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