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Artificial intelligence does not require supercomputers, and companies often already collect data from which valuable insights can be gained with the help of AI models. PHYTEC supports you with our own AI competence center to make even better use of this data. We offer training courses and workshops as well as project-specific consulting up to the creation of complete data models by PHYTEC's Data Scientist. This means that even companies without their own resources can benefit from this technology.

Our services

  • In-house data scientist
  • Kits for Data Mining & AI and Edge Computing
  • Workshops
  • Agile Team for cloud, security, software, and hardware development
  • Analysis and solution consulting

The further composition of the PHYTEC team and the degree of cooperation are agreed individually - talk to us about your project.


Interested parties are invited to evaluate and experiment with two development kits: Data Mining & AI and Edge Computing.

The Data Mining & AI Kit makes it possible to send exemplary data to a prepared Microsoft Azure Cloud. The data can be managed or analyzed in the cloud - for example with the help of more than 150 services from Microsoft Azure. If desired, PHYTEC supports the connection of the kit to a private or local cloud. 

The Edge Computing Kit is also connected to an Azure Cloud. It demonstrates how Azure IOT Edge AI models can be created from data using Azure IOT Edge and then reloaded onto the hardware. Artificial intelligence can be used independently on the embedded system - without an Internet connection and even in security-critical applications.

Data Mining & AI Kit Edge Computing Kit
Microsoft Azure Cloud Connection Prepared Microsoft Azure Cloud Connection Prepared
Create, analyze, and manage data Example model for gesture recognition
Use of over 150 Microsoft Azure Services Export of the model to the embedded hardware
USB camera (included in delivery) allows extension of gesture recognition application Local execution of the model, without Internet connection
On request support for connection to own or local clouds

Pricing plus VAT

Data Mining & AI Kit Edge Computing Kit

€ 189,00
€ 189,00


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