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Start the next product generation with Phytec. Together we realize it successful migration of your i.MX 6 application to a Phytec product i.MX 8M Plus, Mini or Nano processor.

You can find out what a processor migration can look like in our migration guide.

4 reasons to migrate now

PhytecProducts with i.MX 8M Plus, Mini or Nano
Processor offer compared to their predecessors:

  • Highest performance 

  • Latest technologies 

  • High availability

  • Best AI and imaging properties

The white paper contains:

  • Presentation of processor highlights

  • feature comparison

  • Migration Checklist

  • Success Story

  • Migration roadmap from the idea to series production

Migration? Can we!

You would like to learn how to successfully migrate an existing one Productss with i.MX 6 processor – in this case a phyBOARDMira – can look like?

In the white paper we describe how we successfully brought the data recorder from Intec International to the new platform.

Also read the short interview with Mr. Abberger, Managing Director at Intec:

Before we started working with Phytec, our system had very long adaptation and delivery cycles due to the development and assembly in Asia. In addition, a separate system was required for each application scenario. With Phytec, we were able to develop a multifunction device as an edge gateway and as a cyber-secure remote access point, where customer and market adjustments could be implemented promptly. The hardware development and assembly took place quickly and without any problems at Phytec in Mainz.

Above all, new customer requirements in the field of data collection have now prompted us to switch to the phyGate-Tauri-L with the i.MX 8 processor. This processor is more powerful and has more main memory, which allows us to meet increased customer demands. Furthermore, the board has more interfaces such as WLAN, LTE or Bluetooth and can be individually adapted to the requirements via the backplane bus, so that the area of ​​application can be significantly expanded.

Yes, the new digital I/O interface will be particularly interesting here, which can be used both as an input and as an output. Customers can set more measuring points, introduce new measuring methods and direct data acquisition via the hardware is also possible. The new configuration of our software then allows, for example, an unlimited number of data points. In the future we also want to use Phytec's security service. We also want to provide our customers with a Hawkbit server for monitoring and updating the devices.

In terms of features, the possibility of modular extensions was definitely particularly convincing. In addition, the current data recorder convinces with high quality and a low complaint rate: We have a total of over 1000 devices in active use with our customers, where the failure is in the low single-digit range. Use in the cyber-secure remote service is extremely reliable. The stability and quality inspire not only us, but also our customers again and again.

In addition, we appreciate the pleasant, long-term relationship with Phytec and the production in Germany.

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