IoT suite

Secure access to all
Your devices – worldwide

The ready-to-use update and device management platform from our partner OSB connagtive enables worldwide, uncomplicated and secure access to all your devices for system debugging, maintenance and monitoring via remote access. The system is suitable for managing individual devices as well as for large fleets with hundreds of thousands of devices.

Benefits with the IoT Suite:

  • Protect IoT devices from cyber attacks
  • Monitor system utilization and access
  • Perform secure software updates (OS and apps)
  • Automatic onboarding and configuration
  • Save costs through automated processes
  • Transparent and simple pricing model
  • No investment risk due to in-house development
  • Monitorable, secure remote access
  • Integratable SIM card management
  • Prepared for Teamviewer IoT

Benefits with the IoT suite

  • Easy pre-configuration – Devices can be delivered pre-configured and authorized for any customer account. The devices are automatically registered for the customer account.
  • Diverse integration options – The open IoT Suite programming interface offers a flexible and simple connection. Transferring data to existing systems, integrating applications and cloud providers or creating a transition to your own ERP system is possible thanks to the programming interfaces.
  • Easy system integration – Existing interfaces of other programs can also be integrated directly. As an example, wherever SIM (GSM data roaming provider) or Teamviewer are already integrated.

  • Automatic device authentication – The identity of known devices can be transmitted to other server systems (e.g. online cloud Services). By reusing the device authentication that has already taken place for the IOT suite, the effort is minimized.

  • Targeted updates – Updates for operating system and application components are carried out independently of each other. A version and fleet management infrastructure provides an overview of the software version of the end devices used and prevents assignment errors.
  • failure protection – When installing new versions, the previous ones remain available for backup, failures are avoided. In addition, downtimes can also be avoided through targeted planning of the updates.
  • Efficient update processes – The grouping of large fleets and an event-dependent process control enable a targeted update of many end devices at the same time.
  • Easy fleet management – Very small, but also fleets with hundreds of thousands of end devices can be organized and managed with the system. Creating statistics, defining logical groupings or executing operations - all this is possible simultaneously or in stages on all devices.
  • Reliable monitoring – The status of all devices can be observed and checked at any time. Deviations can be recognized and an automatic alarm for definable events is also possible.
  • Safe maintenance – Precisely tailored access rights can be set up for technicians for maintenance, which enable quick and easy problem solving. If desired, one-time passwords can also be generated for the maintenance staff, which expire immediately after use as protection against unauthorized access.
  • Mobile connection – With an integrated mobile network offer from whereverSIM, data connections can be set up to the end devices anywhere in the world and the SIM card functions can be checked, controlled, activated or deactivated locally.
  • Security features – Device authentication, encrypted communication and signed update packages ensure security. The measures required for networked end devices are already included in the offer.
  • Automatic check – Locally stored data is encrypted, as is communication between the devices. Authentication of received data such as software or configuration files takes place automatically.
  • Reliable cloud infrastructure – The infrastructure used in the AWS Cloud guarantees reliability, high data throughput and an always optimal connection to the devices.  
  • FailSafe – Recovery mechanisms and A/B configuration guarantee a return to the last status at any time. In addition, the end devices are protected against unwanted malware.

Cost benefits:

  • Flexible and transparent costs
    depending on fleet size
  • Fixed all-inclusive price per device
    and required features
  • Low investment costs
    thanks to the ready-made all-in-one solution
  • Attractively priced for large fleets customized offers

Your entry _ Development kit with Connagtive IoT Device Suite platform

The kit was developed jointly by PHYTEC and "The Embedded Security Experts" (ESEC). For this purpose, the necessary tools for using the Connagtive IoT Device Suite were integrated with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). The Connagtive IoT Device Suite developed by ESEC is a modular update & device management platform that uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) is available worldwide.

The device included in the kit comes with a pre-installed A / B system, minimal embedded Linux and all the keys and X509 certificates required for use with the Connagtive IoT Device Suite.

Would you rather develop your own system?