Start your own project matrix now!

With the PHYTEC i.MX 8M Plus Development Kits

Just as Neo achieves great things in the Matrix, you can get started right away with our development kits and develop your own prototype. This is the first step towards the series!

Highlights of the kits

  • Get started quickly and easily - in a new, modern processor architecture including an industry-standard Linux BSP
  • Develop safely & independently - with DesignIn documents
  • Work directly & effortlessly - you can rely on our guarantee of commissioning

Select the area of ​​application, order the kit and get started!

Do you need an individual kit?


Our FAE team will customize any standard kit for you in no time.

Send us your specifications and start directly with your custom kit.

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It's like developing a matrix:

Your new project lies before you in individual components. The goal is defined, but which innovative processes and interfaces lead to it? In the film it is fiction. For real projects, it helps to discuss questions with an external expert.

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