Development Kit

Top hat rail single board computer phyBOARD-Regor with soft PLC solution.

  • Texas Instruments AM3352 processor
  • Soft-PLC solution from logi.cals
  • DIN rail housing
  • CAN, RS-232, RS-485
  • 2x Ethernet (10/100 Mbit / s)
  • 4x digital I / Os

Kit contents:

  • phyBOARD-Regor with phyCORE-AM3352 module
  • ME MAX top hat rail housing
  • Linux Yocto BSP
  • logi.CAD 3 programming tool
  • Quick Start Instructions
  • Commissioning guarantee
  • Workshop voucher


In co-operation with Logi.cals PHYTEC offers the phyPLC kit. It's based on that phyBOARD Regor with Linux BSP, extended by Logi.cals' soft PLC solution. It thus combines proven PLC controls with the functionality of modern embedded systems. Customers can continue to use their existing PLC codes according to IEC 61131-3, which are used for example for automation applications, and still integrate the controllers.

In connection with the phyBOARD and the Logi.cals software, it is also possible to add Linux services to the PLC control, to connect it to databases or to monitor it in the network. The Windows programming tool is required for creating the PLC codes logi.CAD 3 compact to the scope of delivery of the phyPLC-Kit, as well as a QuickStart manual for the hardware and software.

Module phyCORE-AM3352
SOM Mounting Connector insertion
Processor AM3352
Architecture ARM Cortex-A8
Frequency 1 GHz
NAND Flash 512 MB
SPI Flash 8 MB
Ethernet 2x 10/100 Mbit/s
Serial 2x RS232, 1x RS485
CAN 1x CAN non-isolated
Digital I/O 4x
Mass Memory microSD Card Slot
Expansion Bus CAN, RS485
User Control Elements 1x Reset Button, 1x Boot Switch
Boot Source NAND Flash, SD Card
RTC Goldcap for module RTC
Power Supply 12 V-24 V
Dimensions 100 mm x 95 mm
Temperature range 0°C to +70°C
Betriebssystem Linux 4.14.78
Distribution Yocto 2.5.3 (Sumo)

phyPLC kit

Yocto-Linux Mainline-Kernel
Release Name Release Version Release Notes BSP Manual Yocto Manual Development Env. Guide Miscellaneous
Yocto-Linux TI-Kernel
Release Name Release Version Release Notes BSP Manual Yocto Manual Development Env. Guide Miscellaneous

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