Thermal imaging camera 32 x 32 pixels

The thermal imaging camera modules VM-050 are especially optimized for cost-critical developments.

  • Ready-to-use, calibrated thermography modules
  • 32 x 32 pixel resolution
  • Complete with optics, different focal lengths can be selected
  • Integrated preprocessing
  • Data format, temperature window and much more can be set
  • phyCAM-P - Interface for parallel camera input on the controller
  • Video-4-Linux - drivers for suitable CPU modules available

34 mm x 34 mm

32 32 x pixels

In many applications, interesting information can be obtained about the temperature of objects. The thermal imaging camera modules VM-050 with 32 x 32 pixels resolution are especially optimized for cost-critical developments. They can be easily integrated into embedded systems via the camera interface.

The raw data from the thermal image sensor are processed on the camera module so that the application software receives corrected, real temperature values. The data output can be configured and adapted to the camera interface used. Additional functions such as range mapping (adjustable temperature window) can also be activated.

The camera modules are supplied complete with a fixed lens. The focal length of the optics can be selected. Further variants are available on request.

The thermal imaging camera modules can be connected to controller modules with a parallel phyCAM-P camera interface. A suitable Video 4 Linux driver is available for the supported microcontroller modules.

Resolution 32 x 32 (1024 Pixel)
Interface phyCAM-P (Parallel)
Image Sensor (-COL/-BW) HTPA32x32d
Sensor Technology Thermopile Array
Therm. Pixel Time Const. < 4 ms
Frame Rate (cal.) 8.9 Hz
Object Temperature Range -20…> +1000°C
Temperature Resolution 0.3 K
Accuracy ±2K ±2%
Features integrated Preprocessing (ISP)
Operating Temperature -20°C…+85°C
Power Consumption (typ.) 115 mW
Lens f=2.1 / 90° or f=5.0 / 33°
Lens Type Silicon or Germanium
Aperture (F-No.) 0.8 or 0.85
Operating Voltage 3.3 V
PCB Dimensions 34 mm x 34 mm
Special Features Integrated Sensor correction, Autoscaler, Image Enhancement Filters, Statistics, 4x Tracking Pixels, Min/Max Tracking, Embedded Data
Interface Data Width 8 / 10 / (12) Bit parallel
Data Format (Software) 8 /10 /12 /16 (2Y8) Bit
Control Interface I²C
Trigger Hardware / Software
Strobe Output yes
Mirror horizontal / vertical
ROI yes
AGC yes (optional)
Defective Pixel Correction yes (optional)
Sensitivity (w/o lens) 450 V/W
Field of View 90° x 90° or 33° x 33°
Lens Coating LWP 5.0 or LWP 7.7
Filter Characteristics Tr. 5 % for λ > 5 μm ± 3 μm or Tr. 5 % for λ > 7.7 μm ± 3 μm
NETD @1Hz, @25°C 329 mK or 254 mK
Precision ±3 K or ±0.03 · ΔT
Sensor Height 4.45 mm or 10.41 mm
Sensor Diameter 8.15 mm or 9.3 mm
Mounting Points 4x M2.5
Weight (w/o sensor) 5 g
Connector Type (Signal) FFC 33 pin, 0.5 mm pitch
Connector Type Trigger / Sync. FFC or JST 3 pin

VM-050: Thermal imaging camera 32 x 32 pixels

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VM-050: thermal imaging camera 32 x 32 pixels, silicon

Item No. VM-050-021-0

VM-050: thermal imaging camera 32 x 32 pixels, germanium

Item No. VM-050-050-0

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