phyCAM-L to phyCAM-M Bridge

The converter for connecting phyCAM-L cameras (FPD-Link III) to a phyCAM-M interface

  • phyCAM-L signals with a transmission path of up to 15m are converted into phyCAM-M signals
  • FPD-Link III - standard
  • power-over-coax
  • optional second phyCAM-L connection
  • external power supply possible
  • Reference circuit diagrams for system integration included

68 mm x 34 mm

TI DS90UB954

With the new camera interface phyCAM-L, Phytec solves the problem of length restrictions of the MIPI CSI-2 interface. If the MIPI CSI-2 allows a maximum of approx. 15 cm between the camera module and the processor board, up to 15 m can be bridged with the phyCAM-L.

To process the signals from a phyCAM-L camera, a converter to MIPI CSI-2 is required on the processor side. This is usually not yet available on the application board in the evaluation phase. In this case - or for small series - the VZ-018 board is the solution. The phyCAM-M output of the converter can be connected directly to the phyCAM-M interface of the processor board. The board is electrically compatible with all embedded imaging kits with a phyCAM-M connector.

Exchangeable, flexible coaxial cables with UMCC Gen.1 connectors can be used as connection cables to the camera board (phyCAM-L). Adaptation to SMA or FAKRA plugs is also possible using pigtail adapters. The converter board has two phyCAM-L inputs. Two camera modules can optionally be switched to the phyCAM-M output.

The power supply for the camera module can be provided directly from the computer board via the phyCAM-M interface or, if required, it can be fed in externally on the converter board. The connection to the processor board is made via the 30 pin phyCAM-M connector.
An application note is available for easy integration of the converter circuit into a series product.

Interface 2 x phyCAM-L in, phyCAM-M out
Line Rate FPD-Link III 4.0 Gbps per Rx port
Line Rate phyCAM-M 4-lane with max. 1,6 Gbps per lane
Framerate 5 MPixel @ 55fps
FPD-Link III Deserializer TI DS90UB954
Features Power over Coaxial
Operating Voltage 5…12 V DC
Power Consumption (max.) 1200 mW
Operating Temperature -25°C…+70°C
Connector Type (Signal in) 2 x UMCC Gen.1, Coaxial
Connector Type (Signal out) FFC/FPC 30 pin, 0.5 mm pitch
PCB Dimensions 34 mm x 68 mm
Connector Type (Signal in) 2 x UMCC Gen1, Coaxial
Connector Type (Signal out) FFC/FPC 30 pin, 0.5 mm pitch
Mounting Points 4 x M2.5

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