PHYTEC innovations at Vision 2021

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for your image recognition


  • Cost efficient

  • Flexibly scalable

  • Made in Germany

If we don't meet at our booth this week at Vision in Stuttgart, we look forward to presenting you our new products in the area of ​​embedded vision here online.

There are an infinite number of possible applications in image recognition: whether for quality assurance, temperature measurement, object recognition or to support machine learning. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of embedded vision, we create the optimal, series-compatible concept for your application.

For Vision 2021 there are new possibilities with powerful NXP microcontrollers, as modules, single board computers or gateways, which will make your implementation of camera sensors a complete success.

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Our newest phyCAM Board-level cameras ...

phyCAM®-mini VM-117

We present you the smallest
industrial s-mount board-level camera 
for MIPI CSI-2 systems with only 18 mm x 26 mm



Our new FPD-Link III board-level camera
offers a particularly long direct data transmission path
with up to 15 m cable length for MIPI CSI-2 systems


... combined with the latest i.MX 8 Processor systems enable you to use new, powerful and particularly smart image recognition systems.

phyCORE®-i.MX 8M Plus

Our new powerful
Processor module with AI accelerator and ISP 
for image recognition and AI on the edge systems


phyBOARD®-Pollux (i.MX 8M Plus)

The one that is ready to use for you 
Single Board Computers
with i.MX 8M Plus module and 
two MIPI CSI-2 interfaces


phyCONTROL®-Ain (i.MX 8M Plus)

Our new "Ready to Go solution"
with i.MX 8M Plus module, top hat rail
and camera inputs is already ready
prepared for your application


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Heiko Fendrich
Head of Digital Imaging

Martin Klahr
Head of Digital Imaging

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phyCAM components _ Ready for your vision application

Advance payments for a smooth integration

Thanks to our preliminary work, you can integrate cameras as easily as sensors. This "add-in" instead of "add-on" significantly increases the synergies within the application and thus the cost efficiency of series products. Simplify solutions and add new functionality to your application. When series costs and long-term availability are taken into account, embedded systems offer convincing advantages.


Coordinated system solutions

With the phyCAM concept from PHYTEC, the requirements of a compact, tailor-made system solution can be easily met. The standardized ones phyCAM-SInterfaces enable the combination of scalable microcontroller modules with coordinated image processing components. This creates a complete system that is ideally adapted to the application.


Flexibility - the key to an individual series

In addition to image acquisition, other functions are required. For example engine controls, GPS, audio, CAN or I / O lines. There is also the need to adapt the hardware to the given mechanical dimensions. The application-specific base board covers exactly these requirements. This customization option is an essential part of our concept. It distinguishes it from conventional, prefabricated components.

Interface to the software

With the phyCAM concept, the connection of the hardware to the application software is already prepared at the operating system level. The required drivers for the camera sensor and controller camera interface are in our BSPs integrated. Under Embedded Linux, the V4L2 interface is the interface to the application software.



Develop application software easily

The phyCAM interface makes image data available to the application software in a simple manner. Further processing of the data can be implemented quickly and efficiently using ready-made image processing libraries.

Our lifecycle strategies enable product maintenance and ensuring delivery capability over the product lifecycle. This includes, for example, obsolescence management as well as update and security concepts. In this way, we guarantee you a product that will function over the long term.

Software Advantages of all hardware components from PHYTEC


By the PHYTEC Board Support Package your project benefits from an extensive infrastructure Update & Device Management, integrated Security Features and daily tested Yocto release versions.

Extra services

Our Hardware and software experts Accelerate your product development and maintenance and lead it safely to success. Learn more:

Update and device management

Project examples _ Successful embedded vision applications from our customers

design service _ Embedded hardware as individual as your project requirements

  • Efficient

  • Individual

  • Future-proof

Embedded hardware fully exploits its advantages in series production, especially when it is perfectly adapted to the target system. 
The efficient means for this is the project-specific base board, which can be freely adapted to the requirements of your project.

If you have any questions about optics and lighting, image resolution and computing power, we are your perfect contact to bring together the right components with your ideas in terms of functions, device size, power consumption and, last but not least, economic factors.

Describe your task to us - we will outline your individual embedded vision solution with you. By using our pre-developed components such as camera and processor modules, our circuit diagram library and the experience of our engineers from hundreds of projects, the development of individual hardware is more cost-effective than you might think.

Heiko Fendrich
Head of Digital Imaging

Martin Klahr
Head of Digital Imaging

Request advice:

Call via the hotline:
+ 49 (0) 6131 / 9221-32