4-day Yocto training
with Robert Berger


We defy the Corona crisis and train you in the home office on current topics!

The Yocto Project ™ with Robert Berger
Linux for industry - we get you ready! With the Yocto Project, you can develop and maintain custom Linux distributions for industrial applications. PHYTEC also relies on the infrastructure. In the four-day training with Linux expert Robert Berger, you will learn the theory and practice for the successful use of Yocto in your company.

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Who should attend
The training is aimed at software, development, system engineers, testers, administrators, engineers and others interested in the Yocto Project ™ who already have a sound knowledge of embedded Linux.

The training package includes:

  • 4-day Yocto training with Robert Berger
  • phyBOARD-Mira Full featured kit
  • Remote access to board and host machine

Technical requirements for your participation:

  • Email address to receive login information
  • Screen sharing / audio / video / whiteboard / chat
  • Backup: conference call

Required previous knowledge:

  • Familiarity with using a Linux system (e.g. Ubuntu) as an end user in user space
  • Basic familiarity with a command line shell
  • Basic knowledge of user / kernel space programming
  • Mediocre C programming skills

From a group of 3 people from the same company, we can also arrange private online training.

  • The training can be individually adapted to your wishes
  • Your specific Yocto / Embedded Linux problems are carefully considered
  • Suggestions for improving your Yocto-Layers
  • After the training you can duplicate our infrastructure and practice again with everything with the hardware yourself
  • The training can take place in German or English. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Day 1 

  • Introduction to Unix / Linux

  • Special features in use
    on embedded systems

  • The Development Board

  • Introduction to the Yocto Project ™

  • The Yocto Autobuilder ™

Day 2

  • The Yocto Project ™ workflow

  • Basics for using BitBake
    (Syntax, debugging)

Day 3

  • Working with Layers

  • The Board Support Package

  • Handling the kernel
    (confi g, newsletter in- / out of tree kmod, fdt)

  • The software development toolkit

  • Eclipse

Day 4

  • User space debugging

  • Profiling / tracing

  • Package management

  • licensing

  • devtool

Frequently asked questions are answered - e.g .:

  • What exactly is the Yocto Project ™ and what advantages
    does it entail?

  • Every embedded GNU / Linux project requires a
    other version of the toolchain, the libraries and
    Packages and every project has to be a
    follow different workflows?

  • Can it be ensured that the
    Development environment for all developers /
    Supplier is identical and the build process is also in
    10+ years can still be used identically?

  • Can the Yocto Project ™ help find out
    which software licenses the packages used

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