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Analog-Video Converter

  • 4 Signal inputs
  • phyCAM-P & phyCAM-S interface
  • Enables integration of analog video sources into embedded video systems


Video converter VM-008 offers four signals and both phyCAM-P as well as phyCAM-S/S+ interface. It enables customers to integrate analog video sources into embedded imaging systems.

VM-008 is equipped with a Techwell TW9910 video digitizer. This digitizer (color framegrabber) digitizes the analog PAL or NTSC signals to a digital video stream.

An integrated  video multiplexer allows the connection of up to four composite cameras (FBAS). For applications with that require a higher video quality, VM-008 features a S video input.

The phyCAM-P and phyCAM-S interfaces submit the digital image data to the SOMe as ITU-R601 or ITU-R 656 YCbCr (4:2:2) data stream.

This converter is suitable for applications that already have analog cameras installed or that require a long cable between camera and digitizer. It is ideal for security applications, special duty vehicles, mininig and the integration of legacy medical devices such as ultrasonograpy systems.

All PHYTEC PCBs with phyCAM-P and phyCAM-S connection can directly connect the sensor board with a cable. All camera drivers and demo programs are already implemented in the Board Support Package for the respective SOM. 

Technical Details

Part Number VM-008
Resolution PAL / NTSC 720 x 576 / 720 x 480
Video decoder Techwell 9910
Scanner system interlaced
Frames rate PAL / NTSC 25 fps / 30 fps
Inputs 3 BNC / 1MiniDIN
Input format 3 FBAS / 1 S-Video
Outputs phyCAM-P / -S
Output format 8 Bit digital, YCrCb
Programming via I²C Bus
Power supply 3.3 V DC
Features (optional) EEPROM, LEDs
Operating temperature -25 °C to +85 °C
Dimensions approx. 34 x 100 mm
Mounting points 4 x M2.5

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See here for the VM-008 Download section.