Distance Tracker Kit

Development platform

for precise distance measurement via ultra-wideband


The new health and safety regulations that started on 16.04.20 have been issued to protect employees and to contain the Corona Pandemic (extract). These can be implemented using the Distance Tracker technology. The following options are available for you to use this technology or to make it available to medium-sized companies in series:

1. You are an entrepreneur and would like to use the kit as a basis for your own finished product

2. You are an entrepreneur and would like to participate in the project but do not have your own market access. >>> Further information

3. You are an entrepreneur and are interested in the finished distancer solution.
>>> Further information




For OEM customers, we offer a distance tracker system in alpha stage. This is an evaluation kit to get to know the technology of distance measurement via ultra-wideband. This kit contains 4 Distance Tracker demonstrators, a gateway, batteries, and charging station as well as the schematic of the Distance Tracker. On the basis of this kit, you will be able to develop your own product for distance measurement between two or more people.



  • High-precision distance measurement (+/- 5-7 cm) based on ultra-wideband (UWB)
  • No app installation on private smartphones of the employees necessary - self-sufficient system
  • Data security (local operation, dedicated device, no personal or location-based data)


  • As an employer, you can ensure that your employees will be able to maintain the prescribed distance of at least 1.5 m between each other with the help of the Distance Tracker Kit
  • The Distance Tracker responds to the request to name additional, possibly infected persons if necessary
  • The accuracy of the device is 5-7 cm which provides safety for you and your employees
  • You can ensure data protection as only the persons authorized by you may compare the Distance Tracker ID with any personal data
  • No location or personal data is stored
  • You and your employees can continue to work and produce safely

This gives you, as an employer, the opportunity to protect your employees and to take the best precautions against mass contagion.

Potential Areas of Application



It's the distance that counts!

The Distance Tracker is a distance detector that is worn around the neck. Using two different signal levels (Level 1: warning distance 2 m, Level 2: health-critical distance 1.5 m), the Distance Tracker indicates when the required distance is violated by means of acoustic and optical warning signals. This distance detection is made possible by device communication between several Distance Tracker users. The system is particularly recommended for workforces in closed functional areas.

The technology used (ultra-wideband) enables a measuring accuracy of 5-7 cm and is more accurate by several factors than the Bluetooth technology used e.g. by smartphones.

If the distance is kept, the data of the distance trackers in the immediate vicinity is registered. The data of the distance trackers can be transmitted periodically to the gateway. If necessary, the stored information can be used to interrupt the chain of infection (pandemic precautions) by displaying all registered distance violations within an evaluation period. The output is of a data quality necessary for the evaluation of infection paths and consists of the cumulative duration of all distance violations and the distance tracker IDs involved.

Distance Tracker

The Distance Tracker uses Decawave modules, which have the radio interfaces Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultra-wideband (UWB). Ultra-wideband allows the distance between two devices to be measured with an accuracy of centimetres, which providing the core technology for this application. Bluetooth, which is also integrated, is used in the current firmware only for data transmission and firmware updates.

If a distance of less than 2 m is measured via UWB, an acoustic and optical signal is emitted from the Distance Tracker as a warning to the wearer. If the distance is reduced below 1.5 m, the acoustic and optical signalling is amplified. In addition, these violations are stored in the flash memory of the device with a time stamp. The use of flash memory technology ensures that the data is retained even if the battery is changed.

To read out the devices, the Distance Tracker is set to Bluetooth mode at the touch of a button and transmits its data to a previously paired gateway; in the kit, this is the demo gateway supplied.The firmware of the Distance Tracker runs under Zephyr OS and is included in the source, so it can easily be used as a base for your own application. 

The actual distance measurement via UWB takes place in a library from RT-LOC (https://rtloc.com). This library can also be used for a serial product, if you pay the appropriate license fees per sold system.


The gateway used in the kit is based on a Raspberry Pi 4 with a 7" touch display, built into a desktop housing.

The included Raspbian image is also provided in source code and contains the following functions:

  • The gateway, which can be operated via touch, consists of two parts: the communication part with the Distance Tracker and the administration part including the cloud database.
  • When a new Distance Tracker is handed over to an employee, a unique session ID is generated and stored in the database. With the Distance Kit, the cloud server is naturally located locally on the gateway, but can also be hosted centrally for larger installations.
  • Not only can the data be synchronized with the server via the gateway, but the firmware of the Distance Tracker can also be updated.

Technical Data

  •     Nordic nRF52832 Bluetooth SoC, Cortex M4
  •     Decawave DW1000 UWB Transceiver via SPI
  •     Based on Zephyr OS
  •     UWB distance measurement via ToF (not TDOA)
  •     Bluetooth for data readout and OTA update
  •     2xAA NiMh batteries
  •     3-way slide switch off/on/mute
  •     Button for Bluetooth mode
  •     Monitoring battery voltage via ADC
  •     8Mbit SPI-NOR Flash and Unique ID via UID-EEPROM
  •     RTC with buffering via gold cap
  •     Signal generator: RGB LEDs, buzzer
  •     Case with battery compartment and holder for lanyard

Kit Content

  • 4 Distance Tracker 1.0 (demonstrators)
  • 1 gateway with display (2 GB RAM, 16 GB microSD)
  • Batteries
  • Battery charging station
  • Circuit diagram Distance Tracker
  • Zephyr operating system (v. 2.2.0)
  • Distance Tracker Firmware
  • Gateway application
  • Including support 

Price Table (plus VAT)

Distance Tracker Kit
Price € 750,00

Occupational Health and Safety Basic Rules from 16.04.2020

We must assume that the new requirements for combating the pandemic and the currently applicable Occupational Safety and Health Act from 16 April 2020 must be complied with for some time to come in order to ensure the health of employees in the workplace, whether office or production.

Extract from the basic rules of occupational health and safety from 16.4.2020:


3. The safe distance of at least 1.5 meters is universally observed even at work ...! „Appropriate barriers, markings, or access regulations are implemented in the companies. Where this is not possible, effective alternatives are taken.“

9. Ensure operational contributions to pandemic preparedness!

„... employers are developing operational routines for pandemic preparedness... in order to identify, inform and, if necessary, isolate other possibly infected persons.“


Path 2

2. Companies that would like to participate in this project but do not have their own market access
In order to implement the new Corona occupational safety regulations in companies across the board, we need series-production-ready distance alarms in large quantities for medium-sized companies. This way, we as entrepreneurs can easily meet our obligations in terms of occupational health and safety.

In order to quickly finalize these distance warning devices for series production, we are looking for manufacturers in the electronics industry who, either independently or together with us, can enable production in large quantities for medium-sized companies. Perhaps this current market could replace your production during the Corona crisis.

If you have any questions or are interested, please contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

Martin Podolszki
Head of FAE and Support
✆ +49 (0) 151 14 222 516