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IoT-Enablement-Kit 4


Sensors, ePaper, App: come and play with me!
– Your IoT Starter Kit


Get started with your IoT application!
The IoT Enablement Kit 4 offers various sensors that you can test when using it with our phyWAVE-KW41Z module. Due to the integrated Arduino Shields slot, additional functionalities can be integrated such as additional sensors or network expansions.



Processing data has also been taken care of: when using the PHYTEC phyNODE app that is available in the Google Play Store, you can read sensor data easily. The app also lets you display messages on the ePaper display that is included in the IoT kits. Simply enter your text, choose a logo and send. You will have an electronic name tag in seconds. Battery holder, battery, lanyard and clip are included in the kit as well.

Technical Details

IoT-Enablement-Kit 4
Carrier Board phyNODE Sensor Board
RF Module phyWAVE-KW41Z
Operating System FreeRTOS
CPU NXP ARM Cortex-M0+
CPU Clock Frequency up to 48 MHz
CPU Architecture ARM Cortex-M0+
Memory up to 512 kB Flash, up to 128 kB SRAM
ADC 16 bit ADC and Analog Comparator with 6 bit analog comparator
Communication Interfaces UART, 2 x SPI, 2 x I²C
RF Transceiver Protocol 2,4 GHz - Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.2
RF Transceiver Protocol (optional) 2,4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 - 6LoWPAN - Zigbee
GPIO depends on Pin-Muxing
Humidity Sensor HDC1010, High Accuracy Digital Humidity Sensor with Temperature Sensor
Color Light Sensor TCS37727, Color light-to-digital converter with proximity sensing
Gas Sensor CSS811, Indoor Air Quality Sensor
Debugger integrated
Power Supply AA Battery or button cell CR2032
BLE USB-Stick Bluetooth 4.2
Kit Content phyNODE-Athena with phyWAVE-KW41Z, JTAG Cable, MicroUSB Cable, Arduino Shields slot, Button cell, Quickstart Guide, Clip, Lanyard
Part Number KPW-IOT-004

Pricing plus VAT

Kit price € 39,00


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