phyCAM - Embedded Camera Modules


The phyCAM System - Cameras for Series Production

Camera Boards with phyCAM-interface can directly connect to the digital camera interface of PHYTEC SOMs. This allows simplified camera technology integration into compact, custom designed products. The standardized phyCAM interfaces offer a combination of scalable SOMs and suitable image processing components. This provides PHYTEC customers with a complete, customized system.

phyCAM-PThe parallel phyCAM variant offers a cost-effective way to integrate cameras. Data and control signals are transmitted in parallel via a 33-pin FFC cable. This minimizes the interface effort and still allows for the compatibility of different camera models.

phyCAM-SThe LVDS-based phyCAM-S interface provides even more flexibility: The phyCAM-S cable requires only 8 leads and can be up to 5 m long. This makes it possible to separate the camera head from the main unit.

phyCAM-M —  The phyCAM-M interface is based on  the MIPI CSI-2 standard and, additionally, also provides a connector designed for professional applications. As a result, different camera modules are compatible. The internal cable routing can be up to 15 cm long, and allows for flexible cable routing The phyCAM-M connector takes various supply voltages and additional control lines into account.

All phyCAM boards are available in three variants*: 

  • Sensor only
  • C/CS Mount Lens
  • M12 (S-Mount) Lens

*Note: The thermal cameras have a fixed preassembled lens.

phyCAM System Overview

Features phyCAM-P phyCAM-S phyCAM-M
Interface Type parallel LVDS MIPI CSI-2
Max. Cable Length 30 cm 5 m 15 cm
Max. Data Rate n/a
(not limited
by the system)
640 Mb/s 10 Gb/s
Data Word Width per Clock Cycle 10 to 12
(12 Bit: Option)
8 6 to 24
Special Features + +
Cost-optimized design + +
Remote Camera Head +
Interchangeable camera + ++ ++
Flexible cable Routing +

phyCAM - A Modular Imaging System

Flexible Modular Solution for Digital Imaging Products

Choose a phyCAM camera module and a SOM with phyCAM interfaces that match all of your application requirements. With the modular system, both camera and SOM can be easily connected.

The phyCAM interface is supported by various powerful 32bit processors such as the NXP series of i.MX application processors. With the  compatible phyCAM interface, all cameras are interchangeable - even during the design process. All camera board dimensions are standardized and have the same mounting holes. 

Each camera is available as either a sensor only, with C/CS-Mount, or with M12 lens mount. Therefore, adjustments to the optical requirements can be made easily.

Development Support

PHYTEC offers development kits for phyCAM products that include all components required to start your project efficiently. See PHYTEC's Embedded Imaging Kits page for more details.