USB and Analog Cameras


Stand-alone Cameras for professional applications

PHYTEC USB and analog cameras are designed for applications that require a ready-to-use camera head with standardized interface.

USB Cameras for Industrial Applications

The ultra compact USB-CAM cameras are easy to connect to any computer with USB port. The metal housing has mounting holes on four sides. Drivers for Windows are included. When using Linux, the camera can be connected with the UVC interface. This way the camera can connect to a PHYTEC SOM via V4L2 when using Linux. 

Off-the-shelf Cameras

Analog TV cameras in combination with a Framegrabber or phyCAM Video Converter VM-008 can be used for large variety of applications. Cameras are easy to exchange, offer long signal cables and are therefore an ideal drop-in replacement option for many security or medical applications.

USB Cameras / Analog Cameras