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Whether expanding your existing electronics or developing new ones for networked applications - we make your products fit for the IoT. We support you from the conception phase to series production.

Customer-specific developments are based on the radio modules phyWAVE, which are available with different sensors and low-power application examples. On request, we can also integrate the modules into flat designs or work together with SoCs from partner companies.

When using PHYTEC modules, you benefit from extended services during development such as EMC compliance, compatibility, series testing and successful field trials. In addition, we monitor market developments and provide orientation on the multitude of options and protocols.


  • Cost efficient
  • Low power – years of battery lifetime
  • Individual design based on standard products
  • Compact form factors

Why Low-Power IoT Solutions 

The advance of the Internet of Things depends on low-cost, low-power connectivity that may not necessarily be delivered through conventional cellular and Wi-Fi networks. 

In many projects, microcontrollers (MCUs), sensor networks, and lower power communication technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy can be used instead to lessen the cost and extend battery life.

Our solutions in detail

Reel board (Overview and Documentation)

reel board is an evaluation board with the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 SoC. The board was developed by PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH in cooperation with Zephyr Project for the Hackathon - “Get Connected”.

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Evaluate your applications with the reel board:

The reel board
The reel board is an evaluation board with on-board components such as a debug adapter, sensors, battery holder, passive display, and USB. It is fully supported in the Zephyr project.

reel board extensions - link boards
Link boards extend the reel board use to include more specific projects for prototyping. Ethernet, CAN, GPS, OLED-Display as well as additional sensors are possible extensions.

Link board ETH

Link board Eth: The link board ETH is an ethernet extension board compatible with the Arduino UNO R3 connector.

Link board BASE

link board BASE is a passive expansion board and allows other link boards or third party shields in Arduino UNO R3 format to be connected to the reel board. In addition, it includes a NOTM.2 connector and more powerful DCDC converter then reel board.

MCU Modules are exchangeable
The reel board provides the possibility to change the main MCU of the board. For this purpose, there are exchangeable modules to evaluate the Nordic nRF52840 and NXP KW41Z MCU. This makes the reel board peripherals (passive display, sensors, debug adapter, extension connector) a generic base for evaluating different SoCs.

Software process

We use Zephyr project as a generic base. By providing a scalable, customizable, secure, and open-source OS, the Zephyr Project addresses the evolving needs of connected device development. We will help you get started with Zephyr on your project.

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Standard products for individual projects:

PHYTEC realizes the complete adaptation of hardware to your tasks at minimal development costs. The system specialization on the application is in the base board that carries the module. Base boards have a low complexity and can be designed freely according to your specifications regarding interfaces, functionality, size, and format.
Our radio modules allows for an easy integration into your individual needs.

More cost-effective than you might think
Thanks to the use of pre-developed components and the experience of our engineers from existing projects, the development of individual hardware is more cost-effective than you might think.

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As professional as you expect
PHYTEC has been developing and producing electronics for industrial series application for over 30 years. Established processes safeguard our know-how and the experience of our employees as well as make production results traceable. Electronics and complete solutions from PHYTEC have been qualified according to numerous industrial standards.

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Quality - Made in Mainz
Your individual serial product, just like our standard hardware, will be manufactured in our factory in Mainz. This enables short reaction times and the flexible fulfillment of individual wishes, including assembly and rollout service.

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Start your Project

Our experts will personally advise you on your project and develop, together with you, customized or tailor-made solutions on low-power applications based on IoT.

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