NXP Vybrid

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Top Features

  • Combination of ARM® Cortex™-A5 (500 MHz) and Cortex™-M4 (167 MHz)
  • Scalable processor family
  • Safety and security functionalities
  • Cost-optimized though alternative design approaches

Modern embedded systems increasingly demand a graphical user-interface in addition to real-time capabilities for deeper control processes.   

Graphics and Real-time Combined

The Vybrid family’s heterogeneous Cortex-A5and Cortex-M4 dual core architecture enables simple integration of a complex HMI in addition to the deterministic behavior of deeper control applications. Cortex-A5 provides for extensive visualizations or process-supporting calculations simultaneous to time-critical tasks with defined response times on Cortex-M4. 

Designed for Safety Critical Applications

The Vybrid processor offers a variety of integrated features to ensure data integrity and maintain the security of memory, interfaces and system data. The on-chip CRC module offers memory and communication data validation, while a Memory Protection Units allows for increased data security as well as improved software reliability. An independent watchdog can be used for code monitoring for safety critical applications. Other processor features include secure booting, cryptographic keys as well as sabotage detection.

Energieffizientes Design

In addition to a combination of efficient chip design, power management and custom software support, Vybrid processors offer low power consumption. This eliminates the need for cooling measures, thereby reducing system cost.

Vybrid Products