phyBOARD Adapters


All current phyBOARDs offer expansion interfaces. This simplies integrating additional functionalities. phyBOARD Wega and Mira have a standardized expansion connector that offers additional serial interfaces, CAN, I²C, SPI, SDIO and USB. Due to processor multiplexing, all interfaces can also be used as I/O.  phyBOARD power supply is also possible via the expansion connector.


phyBOARD-Wega and phyBOARD-Mira also have an AV connector. This AV connector simplifies accessing the processor's parallel display signals and audio signals as well as connecting resistive and capacitive touch screens. Therefore, displays can easily be switched.

PHYTEC populates expansion as well as AV connectors according to customer requirements. The expansion connectors can be plugged on top of, under, or on the side of a phyBOARD and therefore guarantees maximum adaptability.

Adapter Development

PHYTEC supports you in designing your custom adapters or delivers a turnkey adapter solution for your industrial application.