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The BSP Platform Support tables provide an overview over all functionalities as well as supported hardware platforms.

Platform Support Chart PD14.1-rc1

Machine Name Hardware Part Number Compile Test Passed Series Test Passed
phyBOARD-Maia-am335x-1 PB-00702-002 X X
phyBOARD-Wega-AM335x-1 PB-00802-0200C (PEB-AV-01) X X
phyBOARD-Wega-AM335x-1 PB-00802-0101C (PEB-AV-01) X X
phyBOARD-Wega-AM335x-2 PB-00802-008 (PEB-AV-02) X X
phyBOARD-Wega-AM335x-2 PB-00802-010 (PEB-AV-02) X X
phyCORE-AM335x-1 PCM-051-12102F0C.A1/PCM-953 (KPCM-051-x Linux Kit) X X
phyCORE-AM335x-2 PCM-051-22151F0C / PCM-953 X not testet
phyFLEX-AM335x-1 PFL-A-03-12113F8I.A1/PBA-B-01 X X

Feature overview PD14.rc1

Kernel 3.12. 3.12.x 3.12.x 3.12.x
YOCTO 1.7 1.7 1.7 1.7
OpenGL in final release in final release in final release in final release
QT 4.8.x (5.x in final release) 4.8.x (5.x in final release) 4.8.x (5.x in final release) 4.8.x (5.x in final release)
NOR FLASH ok ok - ok
EEPROM ok ok ok ok
PMIC ok ok ok ok
Touch ok (capacitive) ok (capacitive) ok (capacitive) ok (capacitive)
RTC - - - -
ADC - ok - -
Audio in final release ok (except speaker) ok (except speaker) in final release
CAN ok ok ok ok
Ethernet ok (both interfaces) ok (both interfaces) ok (both interfaces) ok (both interfaces)
UART ok ok ok ok
USB Host ok ok ok ok
USB OTG Host/Device ok ok ok (only device) -
SD ok ok ok ok
DVFS ok ok ok ok
Backlight ok ok ok ok
GPIO/LEDs ok ok ok -
HDMI - - ok -
Display LCD-018 7" LCD-018 7" LCD-018 7" LCD-018 7"

Note: Currently, the release does not support phyCORE-AM335x kit displays (PHYTEC part number # LCD-018). Please contact our sales team to receive the correct display (LCD-018-070-KAP).

Release Notes

Aufgrund der Race Condition im Build-System kann es vorkommen, dass die Barebox oder der Linux Kernel nicht korrekt konfiguriert werden und das System nicht startet.

Leider hat der Fix es nicht in die PD14.1-rc1 Release geschafft. Als Zwischenlösung können Sie die Barebox nach dem Bild generieren

bitbake -c cleanall barebox barebox-ipl linux-ti && bitbake phytec-hwbringup-image -c rootfs -f

Das ist nur einmalig nach dem ersten Build nötig.

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