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The BSP Platform Support tables provide an overview over all functionalities as well as supported hardware platforms.

Platform Support Chart PD15.1.2

software compatible platform description compile test Apollo test system pass
phyboard-maia-am335x-1 PB-00702-002 X not tested
phyboard-wega-am335x-1 PB-00802-0200C PB-00802-0101C (PEB-AV-01) X not tested
phyboard-wega-am335x-2 PB-00802-008 PB-00802-010 (PEB-AV-02) X not tested
phycore-am335x-1 PCM-051-12102F0C.A1/KPCM-953 (Kit) X not tested
phycore-am335x-2 1GB RAM, 1GB NAND variant X not tested
phyflex-am335x-1 PFL-A-03-12113F8I.A1/PBA-B-01 X not tested

Release Notes

Release Notes BSP-Yocto-AM335x-PD15.1.2

This is a fix release of BSP-Yocto-AM335x-PD15.1.0. Release Notes still apply.
See Changelog for details.  

Tested Boards:



Changes in BSP-Yocto-AM335x-PD15.1.2 (to AM335x-PD15.1.1) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

* [linux-ti]
- Added NAND driver fix for incorrect bitflip handling in empty pages

* [barebox]
- Added NAND driver fix to handle bitflips in empty pages

* [dizzy]
- Update dizzy to Version 1.7.3.



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