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The BSP Platform Support tables provide an overview over all functionality as well as supported hardware platforms.

Supported HW

Software compatible platform Part number Hardware description
phyCORE-RK3288-1 PCM-059-PROT.A0 RK3288 with 1G RAM, 16G eMMC Flash and 16M spi nor Flash

Release Notes

Release Notes BSP-Yocto-RK3288-ALPHA1

Tested Boards

- phycore-rk3288-1

Tested Yocto Images

- phytec-headless-image

Build Environment

- Ubuntu 14.04 64Bit  


- Added support for machines:
             * phycore-rk3288-1  

- Added following features:
             * SDMMC boot
             * Support for SDMMC
             * Support for eMMC (not as boot device)
             * Basic support for HDMI
             * Support for 10M/100M/1G Ethernet
             * Support for USB Host 1 / USB OTG
             * Support for RK818 PMIC
             * Support for I2C
             * Support for RTCs (RK3288 RTC, RK818 RTC)
             * Support for UARTs
             * Support for LEDs (Heartbeat LED on SOM)
             * Support for I2C EEPROMs  

Known Issues

- phycore-rk3288-som:
              * USBHOST1 which is usb_host0_ehci is not working
              * RK3288's memory controller does not recognize full RAM size (Half of the RAM is available)
              * rockchip-spi DMA is broken

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