Yocto project

Release Notes RK3288-PD17.1.0


  • Kernel v4.9.18
  • Added rockchip crypto accelerator support
    Supporting cbc/ecb chainmode, and aes/des/des3_ede cipher mode.
  • Added rockchip efuse support
    Dump specified values of Rockchip SoC, such as cpu-leakage
  • Added LVDS support
  • (Added support for LCD-018 display)
  • Activate USB EHCI, USBHOST 2
  • PCM-947 RTC is now working
  • Added support for PCM-059 2nd rev
  • Added support for PCM-947 2nd rev
  • Added support for MALI GPU
  • Debug log moved to UART2 interface
  • Added support for DP83867 gigabit ethernet PHY


  • yocto 2.2 morty
  • QT 5.7 using GB and wayland backends
  • Updated mali userspace libraries (r12p0-04rel0)
  • Added drmgears, kmscube - demos to showcase 3D graphics using drm and gbm
  • Added weston support
  • Added support for PCM-947 2nd rev (phycore-rk3288-3)
  • Added rkeeprom.py - A tool to manage the SoM variants


  • Removed support for firefly board
  • Removed support for PCM-946
  • Removed support for 1st revision of PCM-059

Fixed bugs

  • USB EHCI is now working
  • Fixed phytec QtDemo: Playing videos is now possible

Known Issues/Limitations

  • Qt5.7: QTBUG-53467: WebEngineView crashes on right click or long touch press.
      QtQuickControls1 does not handle embedded platforms too well. In case of
      eglfs platform we crash badly - only one window is supported.
  • Qt5.7: By default, the backend will find the first available display and pick
      the EGL layer that corresponds to it. Starting a Qt application with eglfs will
      render the application on the first picked display.
  • Qt: Wrong system date can crash the webengine and the system.

Tested Yocto Images

  • phytec-desktop-image