Evaluation Kits


PHYTEC provides evaluation kits for all SOM families as well as processors. This way you can evaluate the processors, connectivity and features to make sure they meet the requirements of your application. You also get an impression of our high-quality operating system implementations. PHYTEC evaluation kits enable you to work on your own software solutions and shorten time-to-market.

Kit Variants

PHYTEC evaluation kits include a SOM that is ready for series production and a Carrier Board. Rapid Development Kits (RDK) include a Carrier Board that provides the I/O connectors as well as any other interface circuitry not provided on the phyCORE module itself. It is usually swapped for a custom Carrier Board when used for series production. In addition, PHYTEC also offers evaluation kits for select phyBOARD SBCs. PHYTEC sponsors these kits and therefore the phyBOARD series pricing is in no way dependent on sample pricing.


PHYTEC includes all schematics as reference designs so that customers have a proven hardware solution with ready-to-go software drivers. PHYTEC also includes the layout for all SOMs. This transparency is part of PHYTEC's philosophy.

Kit Contents

PHYTEC evaluation kits include a SOM, Carrier Board and a hardware-specific Board Support Package (BSP). Depending on the kit, it may also include an LCD, HDMI adapters, power adapters and cables. The PHYTEC QuickStart Guide simplifies the startup process with step-by-step instructions. Should you have questions you are always welcome to ask our free, expert technical support.

phyCORE Evaluation Kits