Comprehensive feature support – compact and cost efficient: The phyCORE pin-out offers the most comprehensive processor support with all processor signals supported at the connectors.


The advantage: You can use all processor features while taking advantage of the modular design. phyCORE lets you develop as if the processor was totally integrated into your design. Reoccurring components such as RAM or Flash are already integrated and all modules feature a compact design. PHYTEC also offers a suitable BSP for all phyCORE SOMs.


phyCORE SOMs support all signals from the underlying processor. All signals are located on two connectors. Some pins have multiple functionalities and have to be chosen carefully.


For connecting the phyCORE SOM to the Carrier Board, PHYTEC uses high quality Samtec connectors. The vibration and shock test MIL-STD-810E demonstrates that Samtec connectors ensure an optimal connection. These connectors offer maximum flexibility such as when upgrading the module. PHYTEC has also developed a direct solder connect alternative for soldering the SOM directly onto the Carrier Board.


PHYTEC continues to expand on the phyCORE product line in accordance with the embedded roadmap of the processor manufacturer we work with.

phyCORE Products