Texas Instruments AM335x


Texas Instrument’s AM335x processors are well suited for applications that require a wide range of interfaces as well as network connectivity and convenient graphical user interface. In standby mode, the AM335x has a power consumption of only approx. 25 mW. Typical fields of application are industrial and building automation, robotics, handheld applications as well as data loggers.    

  • ARM® Cortex™-A8 up to 1 GHz
  • Economical A8 processor
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Long-term availability (10 years)
  • 2 Ethernet interfaces
  • PRU-ICSS real-time subsystem

AM335x Processor Variant Comparison

Processor Variant Comparison

AM335x Processor Variante Comparison
AM335x Processor Variante Comparison

Flexible Real-time Support

In order to provide flexible interface options, AM335x offers the programmable realtime subsystem PRUSS. PRUSS can implement interface protocols and real-time applications. Texas Instruments offers ready-made stacks for industrial standard interfaces.    

Extensive Peripherial Interfaces

AM335x offers a wide range of interfaces such as two CAN interfaces, 6 UARTS, three I²C ports and two McAPS and McSPIs each. In addition, it is possible to integrate one 12-bit ADC as well as up to three PWMs for process connection. AM335x also offers two 10/100/1000 MBit Ethernet ports as well as two USB 2.0 High Speed OTG interfaces.

Long-term Availability

Texas Instruments guarantees availability of the AM335x product family for at least 10 years. This allows for sound, long-term planning that is necessary in the industrial sector.

AM335x Products