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Custom Services - leverage our experience for your project


Building a new embedded device from the ground up can be an enormous challenge and risk. Embedded development can be made much easier, faster, and cheaper by utilizing both standard and complete turn-key custom solutions from PHYTEC. For end users that deploy our off-shelf phyCARD®, phyCORE® and phyFLEX® System on Modules in quantity, this customization can include development, production, and delivery of custom Carrier Board I/O target hardware for our SOMs. We can also offer configuration and populate/depopulate options of our standard SOMs as well as design of full custom PCBA solutions, including operating system and device driver adaptation. Upon request, PHYTEC can also fulfill all end customer test, conformance, and inspection requirements.


Our goal is shared success and creating synergies. Therefore, we value close working relationships with our customers. Project workshops allow our developers to get to know your project and provide better solutions.


We support our customers in every stage and scope of development, regardless of whether we have been contracted to provide a custom solution – such as a Carrier Board to match end user form, fit, and function requirements – or if we provide a schematic review of customer circuitry designs. Our customers are able to draw on our domain expertise gained in over 30 years of development of PHYTEC standard as well as custom products. Our services are also available in tiered support contracts, which can also be amortized across per unit cost of product delivered by PHYTEC in volume.