Customer Success Stories

PHYTEC products have been deployed in thousands of systems across a wide range of industries and applications, such as control and automation, medical, test and measurement, automotive, energy, transportation, and more. We offer a complete set of services: systems integration, hardware and software design, mechanical design, and manufacturing. We provide end to end solutions for companies seeking full product development support from a single source, enabling them to shorten time-to-market, reduce development costs, and avoid substantial design risk in bringing products to market.

Please see below for a list of customer applications that include PHYTEC products.


Etrel INCH charging stations are designed to work with two priorities in mind – (1) to enable the best user experience and (2) to reduce the cost of the system for the operator. To achieve the latter, all charging station are able to adjust their charging power based on other chargers on the same location and, when accompanied with the Load Guard device, also to other consumers or production units behind the same connection point. Location owners do not need to perform costly upgrades of their grid connection to be able to serve a large number of electric vehicles. By using Etrel’s own algorithms, charging power can be split intelligently among all connected users based on their vehicles, priorities, and required amounts of energy.

PHYTEC's SOM module phyCORE-AM335x coordinates almost all of the periphery units in the Etrel INCH charging station. In addition to running its main application, the SOM module interacts with the end user through LCD touch screen and synchronizes Etrel INCH charging station with Etrel developed software – Etrel OCEAN - in cloud.

Etrel chose PHYTEC as its supplier for the following reasons: great customer support, EU product origin, sensible price/performance ratio, and fitting to their technical requirements


Belimo is the global market leader in motor control for HVAC and develops, produces and markets actuator solutions for controlling heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. 

"When we started working with PHYTEC to implement Linux-based, form-fit embedded solutions in 2009, we were impressed with PHYTEC's hardware and software expertise from the very beginning. PHYTEC has become a trusted partner for Belimo and we have since carried out multiple projects together."

- Peter Schmidlin, Corporate Management, Head of Innovation Department

Groeneveld ICT Solutions B.V.

Logistics Automation Device

Groeneveld ICT Solutions is a leading supplier of ICT solutions for the transportation and logistics industry.

The complete ATX board computer electronics, including all certifications such as the E1 certification, are based on a PHYTEC i.MX 6 SOM. PHYTEC also implemented Android as the operating system with specialized drivers. All electronics are manufactured at PHYTEC headquarters in Mainz, Germany.

“At Groeneveld ICT Solutions, we want to offer our customers the very best solutions. Therefore, we require the same from our suppliers. PHYTEC is capable of delivering high quality solutions. Moreover, we’ve experienced that they have the same philosophy as Groeneveld - customers first and only the best possible products. These are the two main reasons why we have chosen PHYTEC as a partner.”

- Ivo Kolman, Managing Director Groeneveld ICT Solutions. 


Voice-based Picking Device

proLogistik GmbH + Co KG develops hardware and software solutions for all warehousing processes. The company offers individual solutions for the logistics sector with all components from the same source and optimally adjusted to each other.

proLogistik uses a phyCORE-OMAP4 for its pro-V-ware product line. PHYTEC's SOM is implemented in the pick-by-voice solution „pL-Voice 9.30“ - a voice-based dialogue systems that is used to optimize work processes. phyCORE-OMAP4 enables voice recognition and WiFi.

proLogisik chose phyCORE-OMAP4 due to the small form factor, high performance, low energy consumption and guaranteed long-term availability.


PMR Intercom & Call Point

MILESYS develops call points and displays, voice recorders, telephone systems as well as validation and maintenance tools.

MILESYS has developed a PMR intercom for ERP as well as a call point based on PHYTEC products. The intercom is equipped with phyCARD®-S on Linux basis, has a phyCAM-S camera, IP/SIP network interface and PoE+ supply. The call point is equipped with a 3.5” display, a phyCORE®-i.MX27 SOM on Linux basis, IP/SIP network interface and PoE+ supply. 

MILESYS chose PHYTEC as a partner due to the outstanding product quality. MILESYS develops products for military applications and therefore the SOMs are subject to increased demands.

PHYTEC developed an open source and mainline Linux BSP for MILESYS that offers application development with MPEG4/ H264 video compression as well as decompression feature. 

Ziehm Imaging

Mobile X-ray-based Imaging Solution

Ziehm Imaging is the specialist for mobile X-ray based imaging for clinical applications such as orthopedics, traumatology, vascular surgery, and valve implantation. Ziehm Imaging enables a new dimension in mobile imaging and has been awarded several prizes. Ziehm Imaging advanced developments in X-ray based surgery due to the latest technology such as ODDC software and an extensive know-how in medical imaging. Ziehm Imaging uses a PHYTEC SOM in its C-arm mobile X-ray imaging systems. 


Railway Telematics

Bombardier Transportation GmbH is part of the Canadian Bombardier Group that manufactures locomotives, motor coaches, trams, underground trains, city trains and passenger compartment rail cars. Bombardier uses PHYTEC SOMs for its telematics in the motor coaches.

PHYTEC was responsible for the specific development and OEM production of the hardware, as well as the B2B package and project-specific customization of the Linux distribution. The EBI Star 1000 is based on PHYTEC’s phyCORE-MPC5200B I/O SOM to determine its current position by GPS and connect it to the control center via the radio connection using GSM/GSM-R.

This train equipment is especially suited for railway operations and specific requirements of this sector. This applies firstly to the functional requirements that make simple integration possible. The EBI Star 1000 offers a multitude of interfaces that collect comprehensive information about the motor coach and the train and subsequently transmit it to the control center. It includes everything such as digital I/O’s, serial interfaces (RS 422, RS 485, MVB) and Ethernet. The collected data is assigned time as well as position and then buffered in the device to ensure optimized transmission. In addition, EBI Star 1000 enables the motor coach operator to make manual entries regarding the condition of the train and are directly sent to the control center. EBI Star 1000 can also receive messages from the control center and display them to the operator if necessary.

Integration of this proven standard SOM into the specifically customized peripheral electronic system enabled Bombardier to cost-effectively comply with all project-specific requirements. We used an expansion bus to make EBI Star 1000 equipped for future challenges as it offers the possibility of different expansions. Externally, the device is fully compatible with all previous versions.


Vehicle Communication Interface

Samtec tools are used for the entire production, test and diagnostic systems for the automotive industry. Focused on motor vehicle diagnostics for more than 20 years, samtec has become a supplier of cutting-edge software and hardware.

A modular-built VCI with PowerPC-Core, designed for communication with vehicle electronic control units. The HSX Interface can be integrated into tool chains that are based on the standards according to ISO 22900. Due to the multi bus design, diagnostic tasks can be simultaneously executed on several bus systems such as the FlexRay. PHYTEC and samtec optimized the processor core on the basis of phyCORE®-MPC5200B-tiny during an early development phase. Using a PHYTEC standard System on Module in combination with the experience of our engineers in processor configuration and interface control under the Sciopta operating system shortened the development time immensely. PHYTEC delivers a customized standard System on Module.

Olympus Innov-X

Handheld XRF Analyzer

The Delta Alloys & Metals Handheld XRF Analyzer from Olympus Innov-X provides highly-specific material chemistry analysis to rapidly and accurately identify alloy grades and pure metals. X-Ray Fluorescence is a powerful analytical instrumental method used in a wide variety of industries to determine the elemental composition of various materials. The Delta can determine alloy chemistry and grade identification in seconds, ranging from simple sorting to challenging grade separations. It provides recognition and analysis of 88% of the elements in the periodic table, and its use ranges from incoming material inspection to end-product verification.

PHYTEC designed a custom Carrier Board supporting the phyCORE®-i.MX31 for the first generation Delta. A nextgen Delta device is based on a phyCORE®-OMAP4430 SOM for which PHYTEC likewise developed a custom Carrier Board. PHYTEC also provided customized Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSPs to support the following features of the Delta: LCD, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, accelerometer, GPIO, special interrupts, USB camera, and power management. 

IVU Traffic Technologies

Ticketing System

IVU Traffic Technologies AG is a leading supplier of IT systems for transport and logistics processes, including: truck fleet monitoring, retail network geomarketing (GIS), and electronic voting machinery. Integrated into a single package, the is an interactive vehicle-based fare collection, ticket printing, and traffic control communication system for use in public transportation. The offers enhanced features such as bar code scanning and smart card reader capabilities.  The was the recipient of an iF International Forum Design Award in 2010.

PHYTEC handled all aspects of product development including: project management, software and housing development, and third party contribution and conformance to VDV/VÖV and E1-manufacturing standards in Germany. 

Custom driver development was required to extend the functionality of our standard Windows Embedded BSP.  Enhancements included drivers for an on-board CAN interface, 11 simultaneous active serial interfaces with high data throughput, as well as specific AC97 audio requirements to divide the stereo channel into two individual audio channels.  


Portable Ultrasound


The Verathon BladderScan® family is the gold standard in non-invasive bladder volume measurement, and is based on the phyCORE-PXA270. The BladderScan® BVI 9400 is a portable, noninvasive instrument that quickly and accurately measures urinary bladder volume and post-void residual (PVR) with 3D ultrasound. Verathon came to PHYTEC with aggressive time to market requirements. Our off-shelf solutions, and expertise with Windows Embedded, allowed Verathon to fast track its design.

PHYTEC provided extensive SOM integration support including schematic reviews and system design consulting. We also customized the phyCORE-PXA270 Windows Embedded CE 6 BSP to support the BladderScan LCD, SPI peripherals, and low power states.


Apollo Video

Video Surveillance System


Apollo Video Technology is a leading manufacturer of on-board and in-vehicle digital video monitoring systems for pupil and public transit, law enforcement, military, freight transport, fire and EMS applications. The niiu – a “network intelligent interface unit” - is based on the phyCORE-LPC3250 SOM, a custom Carrier Board designed by PHYTEC and a Linux operating system. It extends the functionality of Apollo’s RoadRunner Digital Video Recorder base system by offering a 4-port Ethernet expansion bridge as well as CAN and serial connectivity.

PHYTEC designed a customized carrier board for Apollo Video Technology in support of the phyCORE-LPC3250 SOM. The carrier board added a CAN controller and physical I/O for ethernet and serial connectivity. We also customized the phyCORE-LCP3250 CAN driver and Linux BSP .


Grabner Instruments

Portable Fuel Analyzer

The Grabner Instruments portable fuel analyzer is used for fully automatic, rapid, and accurate fuel measurement.

The extremely compact FTIR (Fourier Transformed Infrared) spectrometer measures the entire spectrum. Full information on fuel composition is determined by analyzing more than 40 different components. This device also determines a number of parameters that are crucial for fuel quality, such as octane rating, cetane rating, vapor pressure, and distillation properties.

The simple handling of the unit significantly reduces the operating costs and training. Users do not need any petrochemical expertise. The instrument is perfectly pre-configured for fuel analysis, and the portable analyzer offers measurements "straight out of the box". An integrated electronic densimeter and sophisticated mathematics are used to analyze the spectrum, making the MINISCAN IRXpert an outstanding measuring instrument.

"The collaboration with PHYTEC helped us carry out a technically complex development project with a comparatively small development team within a very short time period. The phyCORE® SOM and a Development Kit enabled us to quickly develop a first prototype. For series production, we will use a baseboard that has been designed especially for us. In retrospect, I think that the combination of PHYYTEC hardware and software know-how was of great value to us."

-Dipl.-Ing. Hannes Prokop
Team Leader Software Engineering 

Milon Industries

Smartcard-controlled Training System

Intelligent training begins in the mind. Milon experts have been devoting a great deal of their time to looking into how fitness equipment can be safer, more comfortable, and more effective. In 1986, Milon (at that time, still operating under the name Miha) was the first provider of electronically controlled training equipment. Milon was also one of the first companies in Europe to introduce smartcards. However, what really sets Milon apart from others companies is the invention of the memory function. The memory function ensures that equipment automatically adjusts to a particular user when a smartcard is inserted. Combining three innovations: smartcard - electronics - memory function, in a space-saving circuit concept is unique worldwide.

Reasons for Milon to use PHYTEC products:

"As the market leader for smartcard-controlled training systems, we need professional partners that we can rely on for development of our premium products. We have found an ideal partner in PHYTEC. PHYTEC, with its flexible working approach, has already supported us throughout the conceptual phase. This particularly applies to adherence to delivery dates. We were able to benefit from the PHYTEC's extensive experience during the commissioning of the first prototypes. They were able to accommodate final requests for changes  easily and promptly implemented them due to the manufacturing facility in Germany.

"The pleasant working relationship and comprehensive support enabled target-oriented and professional cooperation. This is important because if you want to set standards, you cannot accept compromises."

-Frederik Lieberoth
Development / R&D, Milon Industries GmbH 

IBA Dosimetry

Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Device

IBA delivers precision devices for cancer diagnosis and treatment. The IMRT MatriXX is a 2D dosage measuring device with 1020 ionization measuring chambers and is used in quality assurance as well as the plan verification of the IMRT radiation method. It verifies the planned areas of radiation and the dosage to be applied during the IMRT treatment.

Even in the early development phase of the device, PHYTEC was involved in the re-design of the predecessor model. The Coldfire (on phyCORE-MCF5485) and MQX operating system by ARC offered an optimal platform for IBA's stringent requirements. PHYTEC handled the development of essential electronic components (incl. the processor core) and has been delivering the product in series since 2006. PHYTEC was also involved in getting another IBA product - the Blue Phantom - to market.


Fleet Management Service

Proveo AG offers airport fleet management services. The optimization of ground services in the movement area can yield immense cost savings.

Due to Proveo’s exact instructions, PHYTEC was able to provide consulting services at an early project stage. PHYTEC also implemented supplemental GPS and GPRS functionalities into the device and handled the required Linux driver adaptations. In addition, we successfully handled the CE as well as E1 certifications and manufacture and deliver the complete device.




Motion Control System

Moog GmbH is a leading manufacturer of high performance drive technologies. Moog products combine electrical, hydraulic and hybrid technologies and offer the highest motion control standards as well as increased flexibility. 
PHYTEC delivers Power-PC-based microcontroller modules with flexible I/O conditioning based on FPGA for the Moog MSD motion controller. Real-time Linux is used as the operating system. The FPGA that is located on the module integrates various sensor interfaces such as encoder, SSI and Endat. 

Reason for Moog to choose PHYTEC as a partner: 

  • CPU/FPGA design and Linux software support services 
  • Reduced overall product design risk due to PHYTEC's knowledge of EMV/EMI-optimized design of high frequency components 
  • Joint development of additional product features and subsequent integration of said features into the PHYTEC standard module

Cornings Cable Systems

Fusion Cable Splicer

Corning Cable Systems is the world’s largest manufacturer of cabling systems. The OptiSplice Ribbon Handheld Fusion Splicer is a sturdy and reliable high-performance splicer for ribbon fiber applications. This innovative field device features an intuitive user interface, dual cameras, fast heat-shrink oven, and high-capacity Li-Ion battery.  Its compact size and rugged design allow it to be used in a wide variety of installation settings. 

The phyCORE-PXA270 serves as the basis for the OptiSplice. PHYTEC also provided CMOS-based image processing technology and five other PCB subassemblies that comprise the system.  A second generation of the product boasts expansion of the camera interface to two camera channels.  PHYTEC also specified conformal coating for the multiple PCB assemblies, as well as designed an optimized system housing.

Integration of required camera drivers into PHYTEC’s production-ready Linux Board Support Package.