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  • In hours to the first application version

  • Customizable without programming knowledge

  • Matched to Phytec Embedded Hardware

With the directly usable software kit da³vid from our partner company embedded data, you can easily and quickly configure individual applications for data collection, analysis and visualization - with just a few mouse clicks and without any programming knowledge. embedded data and Phytec support you, from the implementation of new functionalities via suitable controllers and gateways in your design to implementation directly on your embedded electronics.


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Discover the advantages of there3vid

Low code / no code

Setting up cloud services such as Azure IoT or AWS IoT is lengthy and complicated? With da³vid you get everything out-of-the-box to collect, store and visualize data. You can quickly create applications with fully configurable dashboards (no-code), including data model and permissions. Integrated scripting enables simple calculations (low-code) without dependencies on a specific cloud provider. This gives you maximum flexibility and cost control.

Edge & Cloud

The software runs with the same range of functions on embedded devices, on your servers on-premises or hosted by us as SaaS for you. You only need to create a data model and visualizations once for your application, which can then be used at all levels. Significantly reduce development time and costs compared to other solutions!

Maximum flexibility through hardware independence

The choice is yours: da³vid runs on all 64bit ARM devices with 2 cores and 1 GB RAM that support containers. This means you are future-proof and can develop your application on the production-ready phyGATE®-Start with Tauri-L and then later transfer it to any SBC or a customer-specific base board without any additional effort.

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Compatible Phytec hardware

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