Together for a greener future

Smart devices help make our lives more environmentally friendly and use resources more efficiently. From controls for wind and solar systems to intelligent heating and electricity storage systems to traffic control systems and e-mobility - they all contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. 

The heart and brain of these intelligent applications are embedded systems. They process and network sensor data and are the key technologies for a sustainable future.

Sustainable projects receive a 50% kit discount

Send us your project idea – a few keywords are enough. We will contact you and see how we can best support you. If the test is successful, you will receive a 50% discount voucher for a development kit of your choice in the PHYTEC online shop.

Sustainability is our foundation

The PHYTEC Technology Campus in Mainz, built in 2021, is based on a 100% recycled glass foundation. Development and production are united under one roof – Made in Germany. The energy-efficient building according to the KfW55 standard uses renewable raw materials for the building shell and insulation. Natural air conditioning, lighting areas and facade shading minimize energy requirements. Green electricity, recyclable Products, recyclable packaging and additive manufacturing technologies are used. The campus is heated with a heat pump, and concrete core activation cools the air without air conditioning. The green roof and the planting of 60 trees around the parking lot contribute to sustainability.

Sustainability is embedded

PHYTEC defines “embedded” as the perfect adaptation to the individual application: no superfluous performance, no unnecessary components - instead compact and optimized for mobile or self-sufficient applications. We rely on modern ARM processors and efficient low-power solutions. When selecting the components used, we attach particular importance to industrial quality and maximum service life. In addition, we use pin-compatible system-on-modules, which saves resources and enables flexible requirements management.

Sustainability is future-proof

PHYTEC hardware is designed for years of series use. We are already taking future challenges into account in our design today - when selecting long-term processors and components as well as with modular, upgradeable electronic designs and a clear open source strategy for software. PHYTEC takes care of the corresponding lifecycle management for standard and customer-specific products Products. In addition, we actively advise our customers on topics such as security, update and device management and support them with numerous advance services in the area of ​​hardware and software.

For us, sustainability has many facets

Bodo Huber, Michael Mitezki, Marcus Lickes
PHYTEC Managing Director

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