Project workshop

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With a workshop before the start of new projects, we ensure that you get to know each other personally and create an optimal basis for successful cooperation on your new project.

  • You will learn more about the feasibility of your product idea
  • With what knowledge we can also support you
  • Which implementation options we offer you
  • How the scheduling can look like


Together we work out the right components for your project: We put together the hardware, software, mechanics, housing and optics optimally. For customer-specific products, we can give valuable tips on middleware, security features or the use of artificial intelligence in the software area. Thanks to our more than 30 years of experience, we recognize problem areas particularly quickly and offer you realizable solutions. We support you in every development phase and help you on the way to your successful product!

Against the background of the competition, we know about the need for confidentiality and secrecy, which we naturally guarantee our customers. This goes hand in hand with the possibility of designing certain aspects of our offer exclusively and thus giving you a competitive advantage for our joint project.

Contact Person
for your project workshop:

Ralph Orschau
Head of Sales
+ 49 (0) 6131 / 9221-32