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Online seminar: "AI at the Edge"

AI at the Edge:
Implementing ML and Embedded Vision Applications

We will show you how ML and embedded image processing applications can be activated with the new phyBOARD-Pollux based on processor technology from NXP.

Thanks to the Celebrity Face Recognition Demo, you will learn more about how it is feasible to run AI applications on a neural processing unit and learn more about the various numeric libraries in Python that have been written in conjunction with the NXP eIQ ™ infrastructure.

    What you will learn in this English online seminar:

    • Step by step explanation of how to use facial recognition algorithms to train a CCN network based on pictures of celebrities and find out which celebrity you are most likely to see
    • How to acquire image data via MIPI cameras and process them with the OpenCV library
    • How to perform LBP classifications for object recognition and how to use ResNet50 or MobileNetV2 networks to extract embeddings 
    • How and why ML helps improve product functionality
    • The new i.MX 8M Plus processor from NXP with integrated NPU 

    The experts:

    • Yves Astein, PHYTEC Product Manager
    • Dr. Jan Werth, PHYTEC data scientist

    Exclusive offer: In addition to the online seminar, PHYTEC offers a project workshop that consists of a two-hour individual consultation with experts on the topics of AI, embedded imaging, security and update & device management, who are well prepared for the requirements of your project. For further details please contact: sales@phytec.de

    Online seminar: "Start with AI"

    How and for what best use AI?
    - From the idea to the application

    PHYTEC Data Scientist Dr. Jan Werth explains in 3 steps:

    • What do I best use AI processes for?
    • How do I prepare my product for the AI?
    • What advantages does embedded hardware offer for AI?

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