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It's like a puzzle: Your new project is in front of you in many individual parts and you do not know exactly how to tackle it. Or you're stuck in the middle and can't get any further at one point. With a puzzle, it's just a game. For projects, it helps to discuss questions and problems with an external expert.

Our experts ...

  • ... offer a new perspective on things
  • ... ask questions that move forward
  • … Know what they are talking about
  • ... give your project structure
  • ... have years of experience
  • ... are specialists in their field
  • ... grow with challenges
  • ... advise you for 30 minutes free of charge

...and find out the right puzzle pieces for your topic!

Yves Astein

Graduate engineer (FH)
Market expert embedded devices

Your advantages in detail: 

“With me you are backing the right horse of the future. The latest technologies and market trends in the embedded sector are my and therefore also your starting capital for a successful future. Are you considering migrating your application from an i.MX 6 product to the newer i.MX 8 processor? Then I would be happy to discuss the path to the new product generation with you.” 

Your advantages of an individual consultation with Yves Astein in detail:

Yves Astein is your specialist when it comes to current and future technologies. He understands the interrelationships when using networked devices like no other. He knows how data transfer works in systems, how new features can be integrated, errors can be corrected or security gaps closed. He will advise you on the security, maintenance and management of networked devices. 

Jacob Bysewski

Solution architect for data-driven IoT applications and founder of the partner company embedded data GmbH

Your advantages in detail:

  • Integration of your individual requirements such as protocols or widgets
  • Holistic understanding of IoT applications from edge to cloud
  • Practical know-how in computer science and electrical engineering
  • Many years of experience from 15+ successful IoT projects
  • Consulting during ideation and development

“I am passionate about technology and therefore I approach your challenges holistically. I would like to support you in investing your time and energy exactly where your expertise lies through a prepared system. Simple things should be easy to implement and complex things should remain possible.

In my experience, many IoT/cloud applications are overly complex: in the edge application, every project starts from scratch or the cloud is designed for 1+ million connected devices from the start. Our customers with data-driven embedded use cases with local data storage and visualization were able to significantly reduce project time and risk, in some cases by 50%. Especially if your application only affects a handful to a few thousand edge devices such as gateways: Let’s see together which pragmatic options suit you.”

Daniel Hoeser

Expert in charging electronics

Your advantages in detail:

  • Efficient integration of charging electronics into series devices
  • Fast and cost-effective development of individual charging systems
  • Application of the latest technologies and current trends in charging electronics

“With a clear focus on charging electronics solutions, I ensure that your series devices are optimally equipped with the latest technology.”

Your advantages of an individual consultation with Daniel Höser in detail:

Daniel Höser is your expert when it comes to the development of charging electronics for series devices. It takes current trends and developments in the industry into account and allows you to take a comprehensive look at the entire system - starting with the charging technology requirements right through to integration into yours Products. Thanks to his more than 15 years of experience in developing and supporting electronics projects, you can rely on successful implementation.

Martin Podolszki

Software Architect
Expert in hardware and software integration

Your advantages in detail:

  • Integration of hardware and software components in projects
  • Recognize pitfalls and pitfalls in the preliminary development work 
  • Customize operating systems, use software update processes
  • Design of your own carrier board, adaptation of the device tree

"Time is money, so it is my and your goal to minimize your" time-to-market ". But care is also required. It is therefore important to recognize the possible risks in advance in order to avoid mistakes. "

Your advantages of an individual consultation with Martin Podolszki in detail:

Martin Podolszki is your specialist when it comes to the individual adaptations of operating systems and changes to interface designs in the DeviceTree. You will also receive competent advice from him when it comes to the integration of middleware or specific software libraries. He supports with short workshops even before the start of the project. You benefit from best practice examples and your project start is accelerated and simplified.

Mario Hass

Graduate engineer (FH)
Expert in custom designs

Your advantages in detail:

  • Integrate intelligent preliminary work into individual hardware development
  • Efficient and low-risk series development
  • Combination of commercial and technical project management 
  • Partial or complete developments

“I am always thrilled when I can always gain new experience in specific projects. This acquired knowledge flows into my work and future consultations on a daily basis. "

Your advantages of an individual consultation with Mario Haas in detail:

Mario Haas is your specialist when it comes to using economically efficient solutions with embedded components to make use of existing preliminary services and at the same time to realize individual unique selling points. He ensures that all aspects are taken into account right from the start that are necessary for efficient series production and a short time to market - from specification to development, lifecycle management of hardware and software to series launch and production . His specialty is the PHYTEC Embedded Design Service.

Martin Klahr

Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Expert in image processing solutions

Your advantages in detail:

  • Integration of image processing in series devices
  • Create individual systems quickly and cheaply
  • Latest embedded imaging components and current trends

“See clearly and keep an overview. This works for image processing applications when you combine the know-how of embedded experts and imaging specialists. "

Your advantages of an individual consultation with Martin Klahr in detail:

Martin Klahr is your specialist when it comes to developing embedded systems with image processing. Current trends and updates are incorporated here. It enables you to take a consistent look at the system, starting with the requirements for optics, cameras and hardware through to the software. It enables image processing to be successfully integrated into series devices. For more than 25 years he has successfully developed and supervised projects in the field of image processing.

Maik Otto

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) and certified technical business economist (IHK) 
Expert in security, update and device management

Your advantages in detail:

  • Implementation of security concepts
  • Protecting know-how and ensuring the availability of services
  • Compliance with the currently valid legal framework
  • Secure data transfer in the IoT age

“We live in a networked world and it can be assumed that our devices or services will one day be attacked. Be vigilant and prepared so that your services remain available online and your know-how is safe. "

Your advantages of an individual consultation with Maik Otto in detail:

Maik Otto is your specialist when it comes to the security and updating of networked devices. It helps you to understand embedded security building blocks and to use them optimally. He knows how important it is to put systems and applications through their paces over and over again and thus protect them from attacks. And he knows the legal framework that must be complied with. His specialty is hardware and software security, his world is the Internet of Things.

Axel Berghoff

Expert for make or buy decisions

Your advantages in detail:

  • "Ready or customized" - correctly assess and evaluate solutions
  • Additional information for a "cost-of-ownership" analysis
  • See and calculate long-term software maintenance
  • See technical and business considerations together

“Commercial decisions should always be made against the background of sound technical knowledge. I discuss the economic aspects of a decision with you and always include the technology in an understandable way. "

Your advantages of an individual consultation with Axel Berghoff in detail:

Axel Berghoff is your specialist when it comes to the right selection of the ideal embedded component. It considers both the best technical solution from system-on-module, single-board computer and OEM product, as well as all commercial aspects from development to series production. He defines project implementation times with you and minimizes design risks. He also has great expertise when it comes to life cycle management and the correct use of the Linux operating system. 30 years of experience in the embedded market are at your disposal and create new perspectives.

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