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Join us and become part of the development, production or marketing of embedded components for PHYTEC international!

Our motto: create value! Strengthen strengths!
Personal responsibility, respect and enthusiasm are important values ​​for us, so that working with us is fun and new technical innovations can arise.

We are looking for people with motivation, commitment, who enjoy their work and who would like to contribute and expand their skills. Innovations arise with creativity and the courage to try new things. Not only should our company continue to grow, we also encourage further training for our employees.

What do we offer _ many good reasons to work at PHYTEC

  • 30 days holiday and a 37,5 hour work week
  • A future-proof workplace
  • Company pension scheme and supplementary company health insurance
  • A healthy work-life balance (e.g. flexible working hours)
  • free drinks (juices, coffee and water)
  • Free parking
  • JobRad
  • employee events
  • A friendly and collegial atmosphere in a sustainable building with modern and bright rooms
  • High employee satisfaction and family cohesion are lived values
  • A location in the Rhine-Main area with a good infrastructure

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Apprenticeship/ Internship

Which departments are there at PHYTEC? _ Our teams are strong together!

Hardware development

Our team consists of highly qualified hardware engineers who develop sophisticated systems for the areas of industrial automation, energy management, traffic engineering and much more.

Software development

Our software team has embedded Linux, Yocto, Android and Windows Embedded expertise on bootloader, core and application level that can handle complex requirements.


The manufacturing process is a thriving business and a driving industry for our economy. We have strong manufacturing expertise. Precision, a keen eye and team spirit are important factors for working with the fast machines.


Purchasing is responsible for the reliable procurement process. So that a smooth production and sales process can take place, the goods must be procured at the right time, in the right quantity and quality.

Distribution &
Technical support

With more than 15 employees in the team, we ensure that we understand the current and future needs of our customers and build a personal and long-term partnership with our customers. In order to generate new ideas and further develop our existing technologies, we have highly qualified engineers and scientists who are working on the future of intelligent solutions. The main research areas include artificial intelligence, data security and next-generation communication technologies.


We in Marketing take care of PHYTEC's communication marketing for the DA-CH region, in order to inform interested parties and customers about new products and services, for example through our website, blog, social media and monthly newsletter. We plan our trade fair appearances ourselves and support the preparation and implementation of in-house events. We are a small team that works in a variety of ways. With the range of products and technical innovations, every day is exciting what we can bring to prospective customers and customers.

Career starters

In the technical and commercial area, we offer many opportunities for young professionals: internships, practical examples for bachelor and master theses and trainee positions. You can find more information in the current vacancies.

Sponsor of the Deutschlandstipendium _ of the University of Kaiserslautern

Shortage of skilled workers, corona pandemic - neither companies nor students have had it easy in recent years. We at Phytec are always looking for ways to fill vacancies with qualified employees and to promote new talent. One of these ways is to take part in the so-called Deutschlandstipendium, which was launched by the Federal Ministry of Education in 2011: "As Germany's largest public-private partnership in the field of education, the Deutschlandstipendium is both a springboard for committed young people and the opportunity for sponsors to take on social responsibility in a targeted manner take over" (source: BMBF)

Scholarship holders of this program receive a grant of 300 euros per month. Half of this amount is provided by companies, and the state contributes the other half. Students who stand out both with their achievements and with their social commitment are supported. Phytec participates in the Deutschlandstipendium through the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. Students can find out more about the conditions on the university's website. The application round for the winter semester 2022/2023 is currently underway. Phytec looks forward to supporting motivated students and welcoming successful graduates to our workforce in the future.

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