Production Services

Your electronics become a finished product

Does your electronics need a suitable housing? We offer you the entire process ProductsDevelopment from consultation to product design, the first prototypes through to series production with assembly and product packaging.


PHYTEC production processes for prototype & series production:



Housing design _ appealing and convincing for its users


Good Products In addition to their functionality, they also impress with their design, which is based on your customer application, typical procedures, practicality and installation conditions. Interaction points are easily accessible and harmoniously integrated into the overall design.

Our housing design specialists design devices for you that will delight your customers and users. We offer you the entire process Productsdevelopment through to series production.

Prototype production _ The fastest possible prototype for your product

3D Case Printing

State-of-the-art rapid prototyping processes such as stereolithography, laser sintering and LaserCUSING are just as possible with us as CNC milling and even metal processing. This means that functional prototypes that are close to series production can be developed and manufactured in an early project phase. Any need for optimization and weak points are identified in good time.

Series production _ Made in Germany

Product Assembly

Our assembly service in our plant in Mainz provides:

  • Partial and complete assembly of devices
  • Advice on housing design and IP protection
  • Labeling, packaging and dropship

Optics Assembly

Individual assembled camera modules are possible:

  • Professional advice in the design phase
  • Individually coordinated optics and filters
  • OEMphyCAM-Ssystems with housing

For the assembly of the optics, PHYTEC has a specially equipped clean room with artificial negative pressure. This means that we can guarantee the dust-protected assembly of the individual parts for special optics.