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Advantages with PHYTEC in the development and integration of industrial image processing:

  • Space and cost efficient solutions
  • Customizable interfaces and functions
  • Compatible hardware and software components
  • Protecting Your Intellectual Property
  • Sustainable product care
  • Upgrade options



    design services

    We develop your cost-efficient, industrial image processing solution

    PHYTEC fully adapts the hardware to your tasks at minimal development costs. Pre-developed phyCORE components with state-of-the-art microprocessors and phyCAM camera modules make this possible. The computing core does not have to be laboriously redeveloped, but can simply be plugged on as a standard component or soldered on directly. The specialization of the embedded system for the application lies in the base board that carries the module. Basisplatinen have a low level of complexity and can be designed completely freely according to your specifications regarding interfaces and functionality, size and format.

    Describe your task to us in a free project workshop or send us your specification. We will sketch your individual solution with you and work out the specifications. By using the pre-developed components such as camera and processor modules, our circuit diagram library and the experience of our engineers from hundreds of projects, the development of individual hardware is more cost-effective than you might think. Incidentally, the PHYTEC project manager accompanies you throughout from the specification to series production. Just like our standard products, your specific solution is manufactured in our plant in Mainz. This enables short reaction times and the flexible fulfillment of individual requests, including assembly and rollout service.

    • Reduce your recruitment costs

    • professional

    • Made in Germany

    ISP Calibration Service

    The basic calibration for your individual camera-lens combination

    Image signal processors, such as those integrated in the NXP i.MX 8M Plus, perform basic image pre-processing and enhancement tasks independently of the main CPU. This makes high-quality and high-performance image processing applications possible. To use most of these functions, the ISP needs to be calibrated to the specific optical system (consisting of camera, lens and, if necessary, other optical parameters). Depending on the function and application, a basic calibration of the camera module used is sufficient. This is already included for selected phyCAM modules BSP of the phyCORE processor module.

    If parameters of the optics are also to be taken into account, an individual calibration of the entire system is necessary. This can be used, for example, to calibrate an equalization of the recording with wide-angle / fisheye lenses or to compensate for the edge drop in image brightness.

    An individual calibration is carried out in our laboratory based on the intended system components and your information on the optical parameters of your application. For this purpose, for example, reference charts are recorded with the planned camera system and the calibration data for the ISP is calculated on the basis of these measurements.

    Which ISP functions are suitable for your project? Does a special calibration make sense? Can the desired effect be achieved in your application? We would be happy to advise you individually on ISP calibration.

    Calibration package "Optics 1"
    for phyCORE-i.MX 8M Plus

    In this calibration package we offer you the basic calibration of your individual camera-lens combination at a fixed price. The calibration is based on a phyCAM camera and a lens from our portfolio, taking project-specific parameters into account. As a result, you will receive calibration files that you can only use in the BSP of the phyCORE-i.MX 8M Plus module.

    These functions are included in the "Optics 1" calibration package:

    • Dewarp: Correction of lens distortions (“fisheye effect”) 

    • Lens shade correction: Correction of the edge shading of the lens

    • CPROC: Optional fixed value tuning of brightness, contrast, saturation and HUE

    Package price "Optics 1": 1.350, - EUR*

    *) Requirements and detailed scope of services are available on request.

    The Experts
    for your project:

    We would be happy to advise you about our advance services and individual design Services for embedded vision applications. You can integrate cameras just as easily as sensors. This “add-in” instead of “add-on” significantly increases the synergies within the application and thus also the cost efficiency of series products.

    Martin Klahr
    Head of Digital Imaging

    Heiko Fendrich
    Head of Digital Imaging

    + 49 (0) 6131 / 9221-32

    Vision Middleware

    Solid foundations for your software development

    You can obtain our phyCAM camera modules from our BSPs Software driver based on V4L2. Middleware in the form of libraries is also included or can be installed. These include image processing libraries such as OpenCV, HALCON Embedded or GStreamer, but also AI frameworks like TensorFlow or solutions for over-the-air updates.

    GStreamer is a desktop-independent, free multimedia framework with numerous users in the Linux community. It contains many image processing functions and is particularly suitable for the rapid construction and verification of algorithm chains in image processing.

    With the text-based tool, small command chains can be created very easily in order to record images, edit them with existing filter operations, output them or save them. For example, there are tools available to set up a simple IP camera with network streaming. This software tool also supports direct graphics output. The standard PHYTEC Board Support Package includes the GStreamer with most of its functions. 


    Advantages of GStreamer with PHYTEC hardware:

    • GStreamer precompiled into PHYTEC BSPs included

    • free multimedia framework 

    • open standard

    • Very easy to use

    • very fast implementation of simple image processing sequences

    • Interface to the phyCAM cameras via V4L2

    • Numerous examples with access to phyCAM cameras available: 
      Among other things, image display, storage, compression, multi-camera access, barcode scanner and much more

    MVTec HALCON is the comprehensive standard software for industrial image processing with an integrated development environment (HDevelop). Its algorithms are considered to be very mature and optimized. This comprehensive library is proven in industrial use and offers, for example, blob analysis, morphology, matching, measurement and identification.

    This software includes the latest image processing technologies, such as extensive 3D vision and deep learning processes. In the Halcon More than 2150 different operations are available in the library. MVTec HALCON runs standard on Linux-based ARM platforms (32-bit and 64-bit) and is portable to different microprocessors/DSPs, operating systems and compilers.


    Advantages of HALCON with PHYTEC hardware:

    • over 2150 different operations
    • Optimized for ARM with NEON unit
    • easy programming in C, C ++, C #, Visual Basic and Delphi 
    • integrated development environment HDevelop 
    • Support of multicore and multiprocessor systems 
    • Interface to phyCAM cameras via V4L2


    Perfect combination: camera, microprocessor and HALCON Software

    PHYTEC has evaluated selected high-performance microprocessors by HALCON made to prove the combination with our boards and cameras (HALCON ready). Images (SD CARD Image_Nunki) with HPeek/HALCON including a Windows manager required for image output (e.g.: X11/Wayland). In combination with one of the most important PHYTEC advantages, namely the customization of the hardware, very powerful, small and inexpensive image processing systems can be developed for series products.


    License-free start with HPeek

    From HALCON there is the license-free demo version HPeek, with which the performance of the target system can be evaluated using the examples provided. To do this, HPeek analyzes the speed and computing power of the target system and outputs small benchmarks on the system. The decision to switch to a licensed version is based on the facts of the evaluation on a secure foundation.


    Easy upgrade from HPeek to HALCON

    PHYTEC systems on which HPeek is installed are already available for later use of the licensed version HALCON designed. The interpreter for HDevelop programs loaded with HPeek is easily transformed into the full version by purchasing the license. This means that you can also test your own HDevelop scripts. This is a development advantage, especially in combination with the live images from the PHYTEC cameras.

    • Acquire license
    • Import license file 
    • Attach the dongle
    • Switch it on and off you go

    OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) is a cross-platform library for image editing, video recording, and analysis. It contains high-level properties such as face or object recognition. OpenCV is a powerful image processing tool and scores with high speed and many algorithms from the latest research results.

    Since this library is only bound by the terms of the BSD license, it is also suitable for commercial use Products. OpenCV was written for the programming languages ​​C, C++, Python and Java. OpenCV requires a window manager (e.g. X11/Wayland) for image output.


    Advantages of OpenCV with PHYTEC hardware:

    • Open source program library with fast algorithms for image processing
    • Easy integration of image data processing in application programs
    • OpenCV can be used under C and C ++, among others
    • Software under the terms of the BSD license
    • Interface to the phyCAM cameras via V4L2
    • OpenCV is precompiled into the PHYTEC VisionBSPs included
    • various OpenCV functions are also available as GStreamer plugins in the BSP present ( ) 
    • numerous examples with access to phyCAM cameras available (e.g. image display, spokes, edge deduction)
    • Bootable SD card images with OpenCV and X11 for displaying image data are available for the phyBOARD-Nunki Imaging Kit, for example

    How does the simple and cost-efficient integration of professional image processing work?
    Recording of online seminar at inVision TechTalks, November 03.11.2020rd, XNUMX

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