Modular Electronics for AC/DC Charging-Stations

The field of electromobility and charging infrastructure is expanding rapidly. To keep pace, the development of charging stations must continually incorporate new standards and innovations in communication, networking, security, and remote controllability. The Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) and the preparation for Smart Grids are current examples of this evolution. Phytec offers suitable System on Modules, development kits, and modular electronics for AC/DC charging controllers. These products streamline the path to production readiness by providing comprehensive pre-prepared components, with optional software and lifecycle management included.

  • Modular customizable hardware
  • Option for software framework
  • Development and production in Germany

Select the Ideal Electronics for Your Charging Controller

Hardware & Software for EV-Chargers

All System on Modules and electronics from Phytec come with a customized Yocto Linux operating system. Comprehensive features such as remote update capability, security, and cloud integration can be included upon request. 

In collaboration with our partner Pionix, we also offer electronics complete with the modular open-source software EVerest/BaseCamp for charging stations. This framework supports numerous protocols for integration with infrastructure, vehicles, payment systems, and more. Communication is facilitated through a local MQTT server.

Security features such as TPM 2.0 for Secure Boot and secure connections following OCPP standards ensure reliable operation. Additionally, the TLS connection to the vehicle through ISO15118 enables secure authentication via Plug and Charge. The presence of a Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0) ensures both secure connections and the safe storage of private keys.

Sustainability at Phytec

For Phytec, sustainability is a fundamental goal with many facets. Our actions range from electrical design and team-oriented collaboration with customers and partners to manufacturing and the entire life cycle of a product. Find out, among other things, how you can score points with your sustainable project with Phytec.