phyLINEBSPs_ The Linux distribution with a perspective

Your technological edge: Always start your project with the latest Linux LTS versions!

We guarantee to always have the latest Linux LTS version ready for you. With our mainline strategy, we are able to provide you with a release that is suitable for productive use shortly after the appearance of new Linux kernel LTS versions and Yocto file systems.

Use the latest Linux features contained in it to always be one step ahead with your application. In addition, we offer you access to the very latest mainline versions, which are compared every day with the latest development status of the Linux community. This gives you the opportunity today to evaluate the development of the latest Linux features from the mainline on our hardware platforms, even before they are available in official LTS versions.

  • Use the latest Linux features

  • Always an LTS updateable BSP

  • Complication-free updates

  • Transparent test results

  • Independence from manufacturerBSPs

Safe in series: close all security loopholes

We apply all security patches newly released by the Linux community to our LTS releases in so-called nightly builds. So if relevant security gaps arise for your application, you can always access an LTS version maintained by us from the nightly builds, in order to eliminate such weak points in your system immediately.

Guaranteed stability: Make sure that your system still works after an update

For each of our LTS releases, LTS nightly builds and the latest mainline versions, we carry out continuous driver function tests for memory, internal processor features and hardware interfaces as well as tests for selected middleware components. We make the resulting results publicly available so that you can convince yourself of the functionality of our releases and nightly builds at any time. Use, for example, the test results of our well-maintained LTS statuses and carry out minimally invasive and risk-free security updates on your systems if necessary.

Continuous innovation lead: Benefit from continuously added features

Watch us as we mainline our hardware platforms and with an automated one Continuous integration and test system are already working on your next LTS booth, or you can already evaluate the development of the latest Linux features with tested mainline booths on our hardware platforms. By intensively pursuing our mainlining strategy, we already know today what is changing in the Linux community and can therefore consider these changes for your next releases at an early stage.

We offer:

  • The very latest LTS Linux kernel and Yocto version with security patches available for series use at all times
  • Annual releases with the latest LTS Linux kernel and Yocto versions with long-term maintenance.
  • Continuous driver function tests for memory, internal processor features and hardware interfaces as well as tests for selected middleware components for all of our releases and intermediate statuses.
  • Current Linux mainline versions tested daily on our hardware platforms.
  • Many years of product maintenance by Mainline-Linux based BSP-Strategy
  • For other platforms in development: i.MX 6, i.MX 8M Plus, i.MX 8M Mini

Your long-term advantages:

  • Use the latest Linux features in the latest Linux LTS and Master versions for innovative systems
  • Always an LTS update capable BSP on hand to close security gaps if necessary
  • Uncomplicated updates through function-tested BSPs with transparent test results
  • Long-term independence from manufacturerBSPs hardware and software supported by mainline Linux

Choose your platform:

LTS (Long Term Support)
In this branch you will find our latest Linux LTS kernel and LTS-Yocto based Releases and Nightly builds and their test results. Releases are created regularly and contain continuously further developed features, bug fixes and component maintenance always up to date, which is maintained by PHYTEC. These releases are ideal for building your productive system. Nightly builds are published intermediate statuses between the last and the next planned release. The latest LTS security patches are applied to the nightly builds every day. You can use the nightly builds to bring your productive system up to date with the latest LTS version at any time. With the help of the test results, you can make sure that all the features your application needs are intact.

This branch provides the latest mainline-based Linux master version. The latest changes from the Linux community are imported and compiled here on a daily basis in order to then be subjected to our function tests. We use these results to be able to provide you with new LTS statuses at short notice and to guarantee long-term product maintenance. You can use these stands to test the latest features from the community on our hardware before an LTS release.

Future release
This branch represents the current status of our next planned LTS release. While we are already preparing this new release, you can use the test results to see the current functional status and possibly test it at an early stage.

Release history
Here you will find previous releases that are no longer in LTS maintenance. Use this area to mature BSPs to use.

Yocto Linux mainline kernel
Release name Release version Release Notes BSP Manual Yocto Manual Development Env. Guide Miscellaneous
Yocto Linux NXP kernel
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