Partner Network

PHYTEC has strong, long-standing relationships with key silicon manufacturers and other partners important for hardware and software development. These partnerships result in significant benefits for Phytec customers. Learn more about the different partners and the benefits for you below.

Silicon manufacturer

Our long-standing partnerships with leading chip manufacturers give you, as a Phytec customer, significantly earlier access to the latest technologies and thus an early market launch for your products Products.

(since 2022)

Micron is an industry leader in innovative memory and storage solutions transforming how the world uses information to enrich life for all. With a relentless focus on our customers, technology leadership, and manufacturing and operational excellence, Micron delivers a rich portfolio of high-performance DRAM, NAND and NOR memory and storage products through our Micron® and Crucial® brands. Every day, the innovations that our people create fuel the data economy, enabling advances in artificial intelligence and 5G applications that unleash opportunities — from the data center to the intelligent edge and across the client and mobile user experience. To learn more about Micron Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: MU), visit www.micron.comto learn more about Micron Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: MU).

For many decades, Micron memory devices have helped with the reliability of PHYTEC products. Phytec is now part of Micron's Industrial Quotient Partner Program, bringing the partnership between Micron and Phytec to a new level of cooperation. Participation in the Micron IQ partner program intensifies the close cooperation with Micron to develop solutions that are precisely tailored to the particularly demanding requirements of the industrial market in terms of quality, durability, robustness and reliability. This means that cutting-edge technology from Micron is available very early on, enabling Phytec customers to accelerate time-to-market.

(since 1993)

NXP's innovations enable a smarter, safer and more sustainable world. As a global leader in embedded edge processing, NXP sets new standards in automotive, industrial and IoT, mobile and communications infrastructure. With the innovative Productsn PHYTEC, embedded developers from many industrial sectors can draw on a broad portfolio of embedded hardware and software designed to accelerate time to market with reliable solutions. Our strategic partnership dates back to the early 1990s and is continually being developed to include the upcoming families of i.MX application processors through outstanding System on Module (SOM), Single Board Computer (SBC) and embedded systems for industrial IoT to support. With NXP and PHYTEC the possibilities are endless.

(since 2002)

At ST, we work with over 46.000 people on current and future semiconductor technologies. With our state-of-the-art production facilities, we also cover the entire semiconductor production chain. As an independent manufacturer, we work with 100.000 customers and thousands of partners to Productsto develop solutions and ecosystems that make it possible to meet the challenges of a more sustainable world. Our technologies enable smarter mobility, more efficient power and energy management, and the widespread adoption of the Internet of Things and 5G technology.

PHYTEC has a long history with STMicroelectronics, dating back to 16-bit ST10F16 controllers and SPEAr family of embedded MPUs.  

PHYTEC, as ST Authorized Partner, is a system partner for industrial-embedded components offering System on Modules with associated development boards and customer-specific services matching perfectly with ST STM32MP1 series.

Learn more at

(since 1995)
Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments Incorporated (Nasdaq: TXN) is a globalit semiconductor company. We design, manufacture, test and sell analog and integrated semiconductors for industrial, automotive, consumer electronics, communications and enterprise systems applications. We are passionate about making electronics affordable using semiconductor technology, thereby making the world a better place. We live this attitude every day: With each innovation cycle, our technology becomes even more space-saving, efficient, reliable and affordable, so that semiconductors can be used everywhere in electronics. This is what we mean by technical progress, and this is how we have been working for decades. Learn more at

PHYTEC’s collaboration with Texas Instruments extends back to 1995 and the miniMODUL-DSPC5x. This SOM was populated with a TMS320C5x Digital Signal Processor (DSP) chip. This device evolved into the DaVinci family, which crossed the DSP with an ARM9 core, and subsequently branched into the Sitara™ family of processors based on Arm® Cortex-A cores. Current phyCORE SOMs support Sitara AM335x, AM57xx, AM64xx and AM62xx devices.

Software Applications 

Whether update and device management or speech recognition, the software applications from our partners represent proven solutions adapted to our hardware in many areas. A close contact to the Phytec developers enables our partners to adapt their solutions promptly to the latest developments. As a Phytec customer, you can benefit from the experience of our software partners and save considerable development time.

(since 2020)
OSB connagtive GmbH

With the IoT Suite, OSB connagtive GmbH offers a hardware-independent, comprehensive and extensive platform solution for the device management of IoT devices. In the development and operation of our Services such as software updates, configuration management, health monitoring, license activation, SIM management or remote access, we combine security by design with the greatest possible flexibility for adapted use in different industries. Whether for mobile work machines, industrial and building automation, logistics, mobility or many other industries: With our professional security, integration and development support, we enable our customers to quickly develop and quickly introduce optimally adapted solutions using, among other things, hardware components from PHYTEC IoTProducts.

Our flexible licensing model allows us to adapt to the market development of our customers at any time due to a sustainable cost-benefit ratio. From prototypes to the smallest quantities and large fleets, we scale our services at any time during each individual product lifecycle. Learn more directly at

(since 2019)
voice INTER connect GmbH

voice INTER connect GmbH has been operating as a service provider and technology supplier in the areas of signal processing and voice communication since 2001 and offers solutions for voice control, microphone arrays, intercomProducts and VoIP-based communication devices. Our Products, development and integration services cover a wide range of applications. The company was founded from the internationally renowned Institute for Acoustics and Speech Communication at the Technical University of Dresden. There has been a sales office in Stuttgart since 2003. At the headquarters in Dresden, 30 engineers from various disciplines (e.g. electrical engineering, acoustics, computer science, phonetics) work for customers from all over the world.

Software Service Provider

Our partners in the area of ​​software development usually have decades of experience with ours Productsn. This means you can usually offer solutions very quickly and promptly, even for unusual ideas or complex problems. Take advantage of our partners' experience with Phytec hardware and shorten the time-to-market for yours Products.

(since 2016)
emlix GmbH

emlix offers industrial grade Linux for the digitization and secure networking of devices, machines and plants over the entire product lifecycle.

For more than 20 years, the company has been transferring system knowledge, innovations from the open source world and market knowledge into the Products from over 350 customers. Product-specific software platforms from emlix are successfully used millions of times worldwide.

The core competence of emlix lies in the conception, qualification and development of hardware-related Productsfeatures such as boot time optimization, real-time and virtualization solutions, security and container concepts, as well as use case-specific recovery and over-the-air (OTA) update concepts.

Customers can rely on development tools and processes especially designed for industrial requirements. In addition, emlix offers reliable lifecycle support. The range of services includes process-compliant maintenance and guarantee of IT security as well as functional safety over the entire product lifecycle.

Since 2016, emlix has been working as a permanent partner with PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH on a wide range of projects. For example, the two friendly companies developed a new generation of measuring devices for use in clinical dosimetry as part of a customer order. The challenge in development projects in the medical field lies increasingly in the constantly growing requirements for medical device software, regulated by IEC 62304, MDR (Medical Device Regulation) and FDA (Food and Drug Amninistration).

Accordingly, the objective was to develop the underlying embedded Linux system in compliance with those standards and to achieve a correspondingly high level of security throughout the entire product life cycle. For the operation and maintenance phase, this means the need for continuous maintenance monitoring as well as CVE-based security monitoring as part of proactive and systematic monitoring including evaluation of the findings. Thanks to the close cooperation between Phytec and emlix, the high requirements could be met and the project successfully carried out.