phyKNOX distro
"Your shield for availability and trust"

  • Break down and simplify complexity
  • show here was thought through during implementation, so that the application is simple and error-free
    (Take away the fear of doing something wrong => give security in the application)
  • simplified, well thought-out concept, clear specifications
  • Little freedom of choice, as more options tend to irritate and unsettle.

purpose of the offer

All the basic components for securing an embedded device are already in place.

Our Linux BSP as a finished distribution, with all security-relevant components and tools. 

pre adapted hardware specific board support packages (phyBSPs) for our SOMs and SBCs save time and costs

Concentrate on your application development and leave the BSP maintenance to us

All the necessary components for creating a secure operating system are already available and pre-configured as examples. Reduced training. Easy to use. Reducing opportunities for error. Reduced complexity. 

For final configuration prepared security features*:

  • Public Key Infrastructure Tool
  • Secure Boot
  • Secure Storage
  • Network and Intrusion Protection
  • Access privileges
  • Hardening

*Please speak to one of our experts about the detailed feature set

Our packages at a glance