5-day online training
Kernel driver for embedded Linux


In this 5-day course you will learn how to use embedded Linux and you will be able to develop software for it. 

All exercises are carried out directly on the AM335x embedded board. The participants receive the embedded board and the USB hard drive with Linux installation, which was used in the seminar. This means that what you have learned can also be reproduced exactly after the seminar.

The corresponding modules can also be booked individually.


To the speaker

Andreas Klinger, IT Klinger
has been a trainer and developer in the field of system-related software development with a focus on driver development, embedded Linux and real-time since 1998. As a Linux specialist, he deals with the internal structure of the kernel, the system mechanisms and, above all, their use in embedded systems.

In 2011, 2014 and 2018 it was honored with the Speaker Award Audience Award from visitors to the Embedded Software Engineering Congress. He has proven his expertise with a whole series of specialist articles in electronics practice and in the ESE report, as well as with a whole series of commits for the Linux kernel.



  • Participants can create simple programs on Linux
  • Safe handling of the shell
  • good programming skills in C
  • If you only want to book certain modules, you should be familiar with the content of the previous modules


Booking every 5 days

Price per person 2.100, - € net incl. phyBOARD-Wega, power supply, SD card + shipping within DE

Minimum number of 4 people

If there are already 5 participants, the respective training price is reduced by 10%. With 6 people there is even a 20% discount per person!

Select the period that suits you below and register for the online training.

Module A "Kernel Driver for Embedded Linux"

2 days online training € 940 (plus VAT.)

  • Development of kernel drivers for embedded Linux systems
  • The structure and functionality of the Linux kernel are discussed in detail
  • A separate driver is created for the embedded system


  • VFS - Virtual File System, Syscall Interface
  • Character devices
  • Using sysfs
  • Device tree and two-stage driver initialization
  • Interrupt, SoftIRQ, tasklet, timer
  • Linux kernel development process


Module B "Kernel Synchronization for Embedded Linux"

2 days online training € 940 (plus VAT.)

  • Extension of the kernel to include synchronization and timers
  • The structure and functionality of the Linux kernel are discussed in detail
  • The driver from the Kernel Driver seminar will be expanded to include synchronization and high-resolution timers


  • blocking operations, wait queue, poll
  • Mutex, semaphore, completion
  • Spin lock, RW lock, sequence lock, RCU
  • hrtimer framework


Module C "Tracing for Embedded Linux"

1 day online training € 550 (plus VAT.)

  • Tracing applications on embedded Linux systems
  • Identifying latencies and bottlenecks


  • Tracing infrastructure in the Linux kernel, ftrace
  • Use of trace-cmd, kernelshark and perf
  • Tracing events, trace printk, tracing markers
  • Tracing of schedulers, interrupts, timers, network, GPIO, I2C, SPI
  • Creation and recording of your own events
  • Measurement of latencies
  • Use of kprobe and uprobe
  • Histogram tracer
  • Kernel crash tracing