Analog video converter

The video converter enables the integration of analog video sources in embedded video systems.

  • 4 signal inputs
  • phyCAM-P and phyCAM-S - interfaces
  • Techwell TW9910 converter

100 mm x 34 mm


The video converter with 4 signal inputs as well as phyCAM-P & phyCAM-S - Interface enables analog video sources to be integrated into embedded video systems.

The converter board VM-008 is equipped with the Techwell TW9910.
This converter (color frame grabber) digitizes the analog image signals (PAL and NTSC television systems) into a digital data stream.

An integrated video multiplexer enables the connection of up to 4 composite cameras (FBAS). An S-Video input is intended for applications with high quality requirements.

The digital image data is then transmitted as an ITU-R 601 or ITU-R 656 YCbCr (4:2:2) data stream on the phyCAM-S and phyCAM-P interface made available to the controller board.

PHYTEC offers with all carrier boards phyCAM-S or phyCAM-P connection the possibility to connect the sensor board directly via a cable. On the software side, the corresponding converter drivers and demo programs for various PHYTEC controller boards are installed directly in the BSP provided.

Resolution 720 x 576 (W/VGA)
Color/Monochrome -COL / -BW
Color Format (-COL) PAL / NTSC
Interface phyCAM-P (Parallel) and phyCAM-S+ (LVDS)
Image Sensor (-COL/-BW) Techwell 9910
Frame Rate (full-size image) 25 fps (PAL), 30 fps (NTSC)
Frame Rate (Standard Video) 25 fps / 30 fps
Features (optional) Strobe / EEPROM
Operating Voltage 3.3 V
Power Consumption (typ.) 315 mW
Power Consumption (Standby) 106 mW
Connector Type (Signal) FFC 33 pin, 0.5 mm pitch and Hirose 8 pin
Operating Temperature -25°C…+70°C
PCB Dimensions 34 mm x 34 mm
Sensor Technology Analog Video Digitizer
Gamma Correction yes
ROI yes
Control Interface I²C
Interface Data Width 8 Bit
Data Format (Software) YCrCb 4:2:2
Special Feature 2 Status LEDs per channel (4x red, 4x green)
Connector Type Expansion Con. Pwr. In JST 2 pin
Mounting Points 4 x M2.5
Weight (PCB) 70 g

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