Single Board Computers

Suitable for series production
Module + carrier board

PHYTEC SBCs contain a PHYTEC SOM as the heart of the assembly. This avoids the pitfalls of an integrated 'single' chip-down design.

The PHYTEC SBCs are fundamentally cost-optimized, suitable for series production and industry. They are usually in stock as stock items and can therefore be used immediately in your project. Of course, long-term availability, successful pre-tests in the EMC laboratory and robust software support are features of all phyBOARDs.

Single Board Computers

• Suitable for industry
• Scalable
• Ready to use

Thanks to our advance work, you save time and costs on the way to market launch: All standard modules are delivered with hardware-specific board support packages as standard - the optimal software for the hardware components. To connect the modules and for your development purposes, we provide the circuit diagrams of the modules and development kits. We also take care of everyone’s long-term care Products. If components are discontinued, we provide replacements that are generally identical in form, fit and function.

Your individual electronics

• Flexible
• with housing

PHYTEC single board computers - our phyBOARDs - can be flexibly adapted to different applications and customer requests, for example by omitting and adding the desired interfaces, by using different RAM or flash memory sizes or by customer-specific bootloaders or applications. Fixed parts lists for use in safety-critical applications such as medical or rail technology are also possible.

Our custom SBC service implements your individual single board computer quickly and inexpensively. Do you also need a housing for your individual SBC? This is also possible as your custom OEM.

for your end product

PHYTECProducts can be certified according to common standards. We would be happy to handle the entire approval process. Regardless of whether it is UL certification, radio equipment directive (R&TTE), power plant approvals (KTA), motor vehicles (e1), railway approval or even medical technology, in most cases we can already give you a reference. Even when it comes to developing assemblies for use outside the EU, with PHYTEC you have the right partner at your side.

Temperature ranges _ for applications in industrial or commercial use

â € ¢ Industrial
â € ¢ Extended Commercial
â € ¢ Commercial

We manufacture all System on Modules as standard for use in three different operating temperature ranges. We thus offer cost-optimized SOMs for various areas of application. When assembling the components, we take into account the temperature qualification levels of the component manufacturers. We would be happy to advise you on the selection of the optimal variant for your product.

Product temperature degree Max. Junction temperature Max. Application temperature (RAM) Max. Ambient temperature
I Industrial use: -40 ° C to +105 ° C
Vehicle industry: -40 ° C to +125 ° C
Industrial use: -40 ° C to +95 ° C Industrial use: -40 ° C to +85 ° C
X Extended commercial use:
-20 ° C to +105 ° C
Industrial use: -40 ° C to +95 ° C Industrial use: -40 ° C to +85 ° C
C Commercial use: 0 ° C to +95 ° C Consumer application: 0 ° C to +95 ° C Consumer application: 0 ° C to +70 ° C

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