Solder Connect instead of Connector Insertion: PHYTEC uses a Direct Solder Connection Technology (DSC) for soldering SOMs directly onto the carrier board PCB. 

The “Direct Solder Connect” of the SOM to carrier board eliminates costly PCB to PCB connectors, thereby reducing the board height. The DSC technology has an improved heat connection to the Carrier Board. It is characterized by high mechanical strength and adheres to standard norms such as those needed for railroad applications.


When using DSC Soldering Technology during the manufacturing process, the SOM is mechanically fixed before soldering. This ensures precise and robust soldering joints. The actual soldering takes place during the Carrier Board soldering process.

The Carrier Boards have a recess in the corresponding location so that the populated side of the SOM can be added. In order to reduce SOMs shifting before they are soldered, they are populated on the Carrier Board with at least two solder rivets during the manufacturing process.


The solder joints for the individual pins are offset using DSC Technology and not side by side like when using connectors. This method is the result of our extensive production expertise: we minimize manufacturing defects due to joints that are too close to each other as well as gain extra space due to the eliminated connectors. Other than this difference, the layout of DSC SOMs is identical to a Connector Insertion SOM. DSC Technology solutions have been successfully applied in many customers applications as well as our own products.

DSC Technology Advantages at a Glance

PHYTEC DSC technology advantage at a glance:

  • Reduced overall system cost due to elimination of costly PCB to PCB connectors
  • Small form factor
  • Excellent heating circuit
  • High strength

phyCORE-DSC Products

phyCORE-DSC Produkte