1 MPixel board-level camera with FPD-Link III interface and mini-coaxial socket

  • 1 megapixel sensor AR0144 monochrome / color
  • Signal transmission up to 15 m
  • A coaxial cable for data and power supply
  • Single-board camera for industrial series use
  • FPD-Link III transmission
  • Optimized for internal and external use 
  • Easy connection to MIPI CSI-2 receivers

34 mm x 34 mm

1 SM Global

Enabling new reach

With the new camera interface phyCAM-L, Phytec solves the problem of length restrictions of the MIPI CSI-2 interface. If the MIPI CSI-2 allows a maximum of approx. 15 cm between the camera module and the processor board, up to 15 m can be bridged with the phyCAM-L. By using sub-miniature plugs and a single-board solution, phyCAM-L is very compact and inexpensive.
The flexible coaxial cable is both a data channel and a power supply at the same time. Another cable is not required. The data is transmitted using the FPD-Link III protocol, which has been tried and tested in the automotive sector. The camera module even offers a plug connection for extensions.
A special feature of phyCAM-L is that the system is also particularly suitable for internal cabling. This can be done with a millimeter-thin, inexpensive RG1.37 cable. External connections can be tailored to the task using pigtail adapters.

Brilliant performance

The AR0144 sensor from Onsemi enables excellent image recording at a frame rate of 60 Hz globalFast-moving subjects are also displayed distortion-free in the shutter. The 1 megapixel camera has an integrated dynamic defective pixel correction and an automatic exposure control unit.  
The camera module is available with a monochrome or color sensor. The wide temperature range and long-term availability enable the design of professional embedded vision solutions.

Easy integration

A kit with a receiver board is available for development, which can be connected to all processor boards with a phyCAM-M (MIPI CSI-2) interface. The receiver board converts the image data back into the MIPI CSI-2 format and supplies the camera module with power (Power-over-Coax). The kit includes design documentation that makes it easy to integrate the receiver circuitry into your own designs.


Autofocus integration

An autofocus function can be implemented with a customer-specific add-on board (eg Demonstrator Board VZ-019) and a corresponding algorithm. The plug-on board is optionally available with a driver for Corning Liquid Lenses. The focus of the lens can then be adjusted by software via the I²C interface.

Product presentation of the VM-016: phyCAM-L at Embedded World 2022

Resolution 1280 x 800 (1 MPixel)
Color/Monochrome -COL / -BW
Color Format (-COL/-BW) Bayer Pattern / Y
Interface phyCAM-L (FPD-Link III)
Image Sensor (-COL/-BW) AR0144
Sensor Size 1/4" 3.84 mm x 2.4 mm
Pixel Size 3 µm x 3 µm
Shutter Type Global
Frame Rate (full-size image) 60 fps (max.)
Frame Rate (Standard Video) 66 fps (HD)
Dynamic Range 63.9 dB
Features (optional) Strobe / Trigger / EEPROM
Operating Voltage 4.5-13.2 V DC
Connector Type (Signal) UMCC Gen1, Coaxial
Operating Temperature -25°C…+85°C (Junction)
Lens Mount plain sensor / M12 / C-CS
Lens optional, customizable
PCB Dimensions 34 mm x 34 mm
Sensor Technology CMOS, Backside Illumination
Sensitivity 3.6 V/lux·sec (BW), 3.1 V/lux·sec (COL)
AEC auto / manual
AGC auto / manual
Chief Ray Angle
ROI yes
Skipping 2 / 4 / 8 / 16
Binning yes
Mirror / Flip yes
Control Interface I²C
Interface Data Width 8/10/12 Bit
Special Feature I2C/ Power/ Strobe-Connector
Connector Type Trigger / Sync. JST 3 pin
Mounting Points 4 x M2.5

VM-016: phyCAM-L

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VM-016: phyCAM®-L, monochrome, PCB version

Item No. VM-016-BW-L

VM-016: phyCAM®-L, monochrome, S mount

Item No. VM-016-BW-L-M12

VM-016: phyCAM®-L, color, PCB version

Item No. VM-016-COL-L

VM-016: phyCAM®-L, color, S mount

Item No. VM-016-COL-L-M12

phyCAM®-L COL Starter Kit: VM-016-COL-L + VZ-018, 1m

Item No. VM-016-COL-L KIT

phyCAM®-L BW Starter Kit: VM-016-BW-L + VZ-018, 1m

Item No. VM-016-BW-L KIT

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